Monday, December 1, 2008

The Lemon Award!!!

So...Foxy tagged me!!!

I have been awarded the "The Lemon Award"

The Lemon Award is given to bloggers who have an attitude of caring - of turning life’s lemons into lemonade.


Following the spirit of the award I pass it onto the following people who I think need some recognition:

1. The Angry Infertile (even though you're angry...haha! I give you some lemonade!!!)

2. Annie Bananie

3. Brookebug

4. B

5. This Cross I Embrace (I'm not sure if you read my blog, but I read yours! So I'm tagging you!)

The spirit of the award requires me to name 10 people/bloggers who really deserve it but, as I’m still relatively new at this whole blogging thing, I’m not acquainted with a wide variety of blogs.

So I think we all could use some encouragement! We all have the ability to turn our lemons into lemonade...even if it ends up sour!!! Chin up, girls! We will ALL BE MOTHERS ONE DAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'd like to think I make lemons into lemon juice and spray it into fertile people's eyes


B said...

wow, my very first award! I'd like to thank allthose who have made this possible...including google for making blogger so user friendly, and my angel babies for teaching me patience and faith, and God for granting me his blessings and DH, for loving me and of course, for Emmy for giving me the award.

Emmy said...

hahahaha you all crack me up!

Brookebug said...

Thanks girl! Its my first award! I hope I can figure out how to post it. I am so computer idiotic some times.

Emmy said...

Just add the html gadget on your blog and put in the html code of the picture from photobucket! Hope that helps!

kylene said...

Just found your blog through another's and thought I would say hello..Please stop by and check me out, we have the same conditions...PCOS and Insulin resistance. I am adding you to my reader!