Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Month, Another Eggie

My DH and I have been going crazy like rabbits. TMI-Im aware. But nothing in my blog is TMI :)

It is pretty unusual for us to BD 4 days in a row! Must be doing something right! haha

So I guess I should have known something was up...increased sex drive and all...I'm about to O!

Oh boy! This month is different though because my fertile CM started yesterday, CD 12. It always starts on CD 15. But since I'm just SO on top on my body issues these days (lol) I'm pretty sure I'll be Oing this week! Or at least within the next 5-7 days.

If I catch that eggie this month...I'll be due for my BFP around Christmas. What a wonderful gift it would be to tell my in laws and family that we're expecting. I'm not too hopeful, but hey! That would make a BFP that much more exciting!

I cannot wait for my Ob/Gyn appointment on Jan 9th. I will have just finished AF and any meds she wants to start me on I can start right away :)

So wish me luck in catching that eggie this month! Woohoo!!!