Monday, December 22, 2008

AF/ of you please show!

I need one or the other....seriously.

I am 12dpo today. No signs of AF coming. My luteal phase is only 10-11 days this is unusual. I should be taking a HPT in the morning...but I'm not going to!

See, FF really screws with me. A couple months ago FF told me I Oed earlier than I actually had. It got my hopes up, made me anxious, and I even tested (and I do NOT test). Just to find out I actually Oed a few days later.

And that is what's happening again. At least I think so anyway. FF this cycle says I Oed on CD 16. If that is the case, then AF was due today and she did not come. I should be able to test and I should get a BFP. But after FF screwed me, I don't trust them anymore with my emotions.

So this cycle I think I actually Oed on CD 18, not CD 16. If this is right, then I am only 10dpo today and AF should start tomorrow or Wednesday. So I should NOT test in the morning. I should wait to see AF on Wednesday...and if she doesn't show THEN I would test on Thursday morning. I am trying to be reasonable and trust FF again because there is still another "possible" O day.

I am so mad. I hate being hopeful...I prefer being reasonable. I secretly want to test. But I am NOT going to! I am going to wait. And the thing is...I KNOW AF is going to show...I KNOW it. I just hate that I feel an ounce of hope because that way I will be upset when she shows. If she had just come like normal...or FF had given me the correct O day...then it would just be another AF. But no...this one will upset me...and I hate that.

So for anyone who is interested, you can check out my chart by clicking on the link to the right that says "My Chart." Really hard to find, huh? lol So if anyone wants to humor me...take a look at it and let me know what you think...

Merry Christmas! I most likely won't post until next week because of our vacation over the weekend...unless I get a I hope you guys have a great holiday!!!


B MoM said...

hey emmy, from what I know of FF and temping and charting, I also think you could have Od on CD16 or CD18. The signs are all there for both dates. Now, since it's confusing as to which one is most accurate, I'd also compare your previous cycles. they all appear to show that you consistently O around CD 16 right? So if that's the case, then CD 16 it is, and your AF is one day late. However, keep in mind that you could have O'd on CD 18, so if you test, you may not get a BFP yet. Heck, even if you did O on CD 16, some women dont get BFPs just yet either. So in any case, to be sure, I'd wait till the weekend and test if AF doesn't show. I know it seems hard to wait that long, but just look at it this way, at least you dont have to wait till March like me!!!!! This weekend will come in no time. Goood luck!