Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nothing New

So I really have nothing new to update on the TTC thing...

I'm on CD 10 I believe...which means I have about 5 more days until I hit fertile cm and about 8-10 more days until O time. So I'm waiting.

You know what's funny? I don't mind the 2ww. I can't STAND the wait to O.
Weird...I know... Thanksgiving was nice. I ate pretty much nothing. Actually, I'm kidding :) We started at my Aunt's at 12 for my dad's side. I ate one spoonful of everything I'm not really supposed to have. Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, etc. But that wasn't bad. I did fine.

Then at 3 we headed to my BIL and SIL's for my DH's side. We ate again. I definitely didn't eat much here. I ate turkey and cranberry sauce. And a piece of sugar free pumpkin pie.

Then at 6 it was off the my foster parent's house. I was SICK! Oh my goodness...I was incredibly nauseous and my stomach was killing me. I didn't eat ANYTHING there. I'm beginning to think that the way you lose weight on Metformin is through the bathroom. wait, I'm serious :)

So I figured my stomach wasn't agreeing with me because I was eating the "bad stuff" again. But it was actually quite the contrary. I ate pizza today...yea yea I know. Don't preach to me...but my stomach was fine. EVERY DAY on this medicine and eating healthy I have had multiple trips to "talk to my toilet." But today...I've felt fine. Of course! All I needed was another reason to eat bad I'm KIDDING of course! But was nice to go out to lunch with DH today.

We decorated our house for Christmas :) We have our banister ready, our tree up, and lights outside :) We got it ready the day after Thanksgiving. It was so much fun to decorate our house for the first time. And we took our family photo....just me, Joel, and Jordan. Do you guys know we have a foster son?? We are actually his legal guardians...but he talks to his mom all the time. He's gay. He's 17. He's a hoot. It's been real fun having a son around the house since September. So yea....our Christmas photo is ready to go on the tree. Every Christmas since we got married (all...ONE of them. haha) we have decided to buy a photo ornament and put our pick in it from that Christmas. So I have to go dig up last years pic of us and hang it up and then add the one of the 3 of us from this year. Maybe next year it will be with a baby in my belly...or even in our arms!

So...back to TTC...I have made my follow up appointment with my Ob/Gyn. January 9th at 9:00am. This is THE APPOINTMENT. The one where we will evaluate my Metformin...and talk about Clomid. Come on, baby...we're ready for you...