Monday, July 27, 2009

Half Way There!

I am now officially 21 weeks and 3 day pregnant today! So here is my "half way there" update!

I got sick AGAIN! My vomitting is back! I cant believe it! I threw up on myself while driving on my way to work! I had to stop and pull over really quick! I found an empty McDonalds cup to throw up in! LOL It was NOT pretty! I was soooo mad! I was over 20 weeks this time! COME ON! The morning sickness should SO be over by now! OMG!

What else? Well the physical therapy is going well. They did my initial how far I can bend over and back and side to my first appointment. Then today after 4 appointments we did it again and he said I had majorly improved! YAY! And all I've been doing is stretches. He said thats basically all I CAN do while pregnant. So I will most likely have 2 more appointments and then stop. I will just continue the stretches on my own. No big deal! Maybe do some more appointments later on if I cant do the ones I'm doing now when my belly gets bigger...not sure.

So as far as movement goes...I'm very jealous of others. I am not getting any big kicks or big noticeable movements. Every now and then I feel something move like he's rolling over or something...but it really just feels like gas. It's not, but it doesnt feel much different from gas. So I am REALLY hoping that I will start feeling Eli SOON! Although after I watch the U/S dvd over and over I am realizing that my son is not much of a mover. He's very relaxed. So I'm not too worried.

I also had to change my drs appointment around a little bit because I found out I'm having training one week from 8-2 instead of my normal 12-6 schedule. So I now have my gestational diabetes testing on August 7th and my U/S on August 11th....which just happens to be our 2 year anniversary! I dont expect us to be doing anything exciting since we have NO money...but it's still an exciting milestone!

And please please please continue to pray for my DH! He finally got in to the first of the three weeks of training he needs! Thank God! Unfortunately there have been complications for applying for unemployment because his last employer is saying he quit! That is NOT true! They laid him off. He would not qualify for benefits if he quit! He would NEVER do that! So we are living off of MY paycheck which is NOT enough and we are really struggling! I just keep telling myself that after this week he only has 2 WEEKS of training left. We can make it 2 weeks! I am so proud of my hubby and I just keep reassuring him that we took this risk TOGETHER for him to get a better job and that I'm behind hims 100%! He is just feeling so down on himself and he hates having to rely on my money because neither of us know how much longer I will be able to work!

So now I will show a new belly pic! This is my 20 week...I have yet to upload my 19 week one from my camera cuz it takes too long. But this ones from my cell phone! Here it is! I'm getting bigger!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh My Goodness...

Man, I have had a lot going on! Whew! of today...I am officially half way through my pregnancy! 20 weeks! yay!

I am also 22 and 2 days old! lol My birthday was Wednesday. It was not a very fun day! I had a horrible day at work...and DH did...well, nothing. :( But that's ok because he made up for it by letting me buy a butt load of maternity clothes last night! I had to buy new tennis shoes for work (we have to wear tennis shoes and my feet are swollen so I cant wear mine) so I was in the mood to shop and I was able to buy 2 new skirts, 2 shirts, and 2 tank tops at Motherhood Maternity. I already have 4 shirts right now, and about 4 skirts already. BUT..I bought some of them big, so I cant wear them yet. The clothes I got last night...I cant wear AND expand!

So lets see. Yesterday was my first physical therapy appointment. OMG. Someone finally thinks they know what has been causing my back pain! She agreed with me that she thought it was muscular. She also said I am not very flexible in my hamstrings. She thinks that it actually might be so bad that THAT is whats been causing all my back pain! Because my back is trying to make up for the work and stretching that my legs should be doing! So she has me doing hamstring stretches 3 times a day and I go back 2 times a week. She also taped my back...with athletic hold my muscles together? And she gave me a cozi back pillow to use for the curve in my back and it even fits on my seat in my car when I drive! So I told her I would use it in my car instead of in bed because I use lots of pillows in bed anyway and I actually LOVE my bed!

I was SOOOO scared all day yesterday that my back was going to go out on me. I was so stiff and sore! But I made it through the day just fine...I just laid down last night and couldnt get up. I had to lay down and stay there. Now that Ive slept through the night...I feel better.

So what other updates do I have? Well..nothing really! My next appointment is not until August 10th. OH!!!!!!! I didnt mention this! This was REALLY scary! On Sunday morning DH and I made our way to church. It was hot in there! I was just sitting there and I leaned forward. I took DH's lesson sheet and started fanning myself. I started to feel better and I went to sit back up. The second I sat up I felt very nauseous. So nauseous that I actually thought to myself "Ok, if I puke I can catch it in my skirt and then run to the bathroom." Then all of a sudden I started to get really light headed. Keep in mind I'm sitting this whole time. I look up at the preacher and everything around him starts shining and getting blurry and all different colors sparkling. I grabbed DH by the leg because it was only getting worse. Then my ears started ringing. So loud I couldn't hear anything. It was kind of like that feeling of having water in your ears. Plus ringing. Anyway...I grabbed DHs leg rather hard I guess...because he grabbed me and I couldnt talk. I was afraid I would puke. I just stared straight ahead and held on to his leg. When it finally passed and I just said "We need to leave." And I got up and walked out and he was not far behind because he thought I was going to pass out. My ears were still ringing and it took a good 5 minutes for my hearing to come back. And I broke out in a sweat and went extremely pale. DH was freaking out. I was too! He even had my uncle help him walk me to the car. When I finally got my hearing back I started explaining to DH what happened. My uncle asked me if I had eaten. Yes, DH had made me 2 eggs and 2 waffles with jelly for breakfast. It wasnt my blood sugar. I thought it had to be my blood pressure. DH took me out to my BIL and SILs house to use their blood pressure machine. The down side was they were 30 minutes away and by the time I got there I was feeling better. I went to get out of the car I felt sooooo weak. I seriously felt like I had ran the whole way. BIL took my blood pressure and it was 117/70 which is great. But my pulse was 110! Wow! He said "Um, have you been running a marathon?!"

So I called my Obs emergency line and talked to the same doctor that I saw that day for my stomach virus. She said it was totally normal (WHAT?!). She said I blacked out. What most likely happened was the blood pooled in my legs from sitting too long (I had only been sitting for 20 minutes) and that when I leaned back up it gave me a head rush. Now, dont get me wrong, I'm not saying shes wrong, but Ive had black outs before like when you stand up too fast out of bed in the morning...this was NOTHING like that. I've also passed out before...and again, this was NOTHING like that. DH actually contemplated taking me to the ER. I told him if it happened again I would go, but I think I'm fine.

So that's my scare for the week! It hasnt happened again, so I guess that doctor was right...I dunno!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's A......


We are SO SO SO excited! His name will be Elijah Joel. Joel after his daddy :). He will go by Eli. YAY! No more having to stress over girl's names now! LOL!

So here's the crazy story....My MIL wanted to come to the U/S. I told her that was fine. Especially when I found out that DH might not be able to go because of work. My mom and sister offered to come because DH might not be there. Ok....then my SIL wanted to come! now we have a full house! And it turns out...DH DID get to come! Oh my! turns out my mom couldnt make it ended up being me, DH, my sister, MIL, and SIL....and my 2 nephews! OMG!

Needless to say it was very hectic! I had told DH that if he got to be there I wanted him to find out first and then he could bring in the rest of them to find out. MIL did NOT like this idea at all! But oh well! But it turns out our little guy was being very stubborn and showed us his back practically the whole time! So after DH and I were in there alone for about 5 minutes I told him to just go ahead and go get everyone. I didnt want them waiting for a really long time...and I wanted them to be able to see the U/S!

It all turned out just fine because there were 2 chairs in there where my MIL and SIL ended up sitting to take care of my nephews. My sister came right to my side...which was good...because...lets face it...I would prefer my own family over my in laws to be all up in my...well, you know! So it turned out great. My MIL and SIL could still the U/S screen and DH and my sister stayed by my side.

After about 10 minutes the U/S tech said she still couldnt see anything! That little bugger had his legs bent up and he was grabbing his foot! She kept wiggling my belly to try to get him to move around. I, of course, didnt mind at all just watching my little one on the screen! Finally out of no where the tech says "Oh, its a boy!" And who heard her?? Just me and my sister! LOLOLOL Everyone was chatting and not really paying attention because it was taking so long and so it ended up being a special moment for me and my sister. It was awesome! I started crying a little bit seeing a little winky on the screen! LOL DH came over and gave me a kiss :) It was a very nice moment. No amount of people in the room would have bothered me right then. Right after we found out, Abby said "Ok...who can I tell?!" I said "Go ahead and tell whoever you want!" So she called mom up right away and had my DH yell it into the phone! Then she started texting all her friends! It was really funny.

My MIL was so so so desperately wanting a girl. Deep down I think she knew it would be a boy...but she so wanted a grand-daughter! As soon as the U/S was over, my MIL and SIL left. They didnt even say goodbye to me! But they were in a rush with the 2 little I understand. Then I had to wait around to see the doctor and go over the results and all that jazz. Everything is measuring just fine! The tech said she didnt get good pictures of his heart like she was hoping and she wanted better measurements of the legs. So what does this mean? I get to go back in 3 weeks for another U/S! YAY!

So here are the "money" shots! LOL

And here's one of his cute little alien face!

We also got some cute pics of his foot, but my camera is being stubborn and stopped taking good pics of the U/S pics! grrr. I need a scanner! LOL

Our little man was measuring 10 inches long...approximately because she couldnt get a good measurement of his legs...and he weighs 10 oz! It is amazing how much more connected you feel to you little one when you can call them by a name! :) I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Some Belly Pics! are some belly pics...

16 weeks

17 weeks...

18 weeks...

So now that that has been taken care of...what can I update about? Well...this coming Friday is our BIG U/S! I cannot WAIT to find out what we're having!!! I am soooo ready to be set on a name and start looking at specific designs for the nursery, etc. This must be the fun part of having children! LOL

Now for some not so good news...I dont want to give away too much information...but I DO want to ask for prayer for my husband and I. Ever since he lost his job again we have not been able to keep up with our house payment. We are now almost 3 months behind. It is a very scary time. A job opportunity has been made available for DH that would pay almost 3 times what he is making at his current job. That's great, but he would have to quit his current job for 3 weeks of unpaid training. This is just unfathomable to us right now to go 3 weeks without a pay check. My job barely pays anything. He thinking about going back on unemployment for those 3 weeks to help us get by...but that just won't cut it. It's even come so far that my husband has asked me to see if I can get my inheritance from my grandmother early. I am not suppose to get it until I'm 25...I'm almost 22 now. I don't even want to talk to my mom about it...but my husband is insisting. I don't know what to do. So all I ask is that whatever decision we make...that God is at the center of it. He will look out for us. Just pray for us that whatever happens we will be alright.

I guess thats about all that we have going on right now. I'm still sick: nausea and vomiting...and it sucks. I will be 19 weeks on Friday for our U/S. Also please pray that the anatomy scan comes back perfect :) I will update Friday with the news!!!