Monday, July 27, 2009

Half Way There!

I am now officially 21 weeks and 3 day pregnant today! So here is my "half way there" update!

I got sick AGAIN! My vomitting is back! I cant believe it! I threw up on myself while driving on my way to work! I had to stop and pull over really quick! I found an empty McDonalds cup to throw up in! LOL It was NOT pretty! I was soooo mad! I was over 20 weeks this time! COME ON! The morning sickness should SO be over by now! OMG!

What else? Well the physical therapy is going well. They did my initial how far I can bend over and back and side to my first appointment. Then today after 4 appointments we did it again and he said I had majorly improved! YAY! And all I've been doing is stretches. He said thats basically all I CAN do while pregnant. So I will most likely have 2 more appointments and then stop. I will just continue the stretches on my own. No big deal! Maybe do some more appointments later on if I cant do the ones I'm doing now when my belly gets bigger...not sure.

So as far as movement goes...I'm very jealous of others. I am not getting any big kicks or big noticeable movements. Every now and then I feel something move like he's rolling over or something...but it really just feels like gas. It's not, but it doesnt feel much different from gas. So I am REALLY hoping that I will start feeling Eli SOON! Although after I watch the U/S dvd over and over I am realizing that my son is not much of a mover. He's very relaxed. So I'm not too worried.

I also had to change my drs appointment around a little bit because I found out I'm having training one week from 8-2 instead of my normal 12-6 schedule. So I now have my gestational diabetes testing on August 7th and my U/S on August 11th....which just happens to be our 2 year anniversary! I dont expect us to be doing anything exciting since we have NO money...but it's still an exciting milestone!

And please please please continue to pray for my DH! He finally got in to the first of the three weeks of training he needs! Thank God! Unfortunately there have been complications for applying for unemployment because his last employer is saying he quit! That is NOT true! They laid him off. He would not qualify for benefits if he quit! He would NEVER do that! So we are living off of MY paycheck which is NOT enough and we are really struggling! I just keep telling myself that after this week he only has 2 WEEKS of training left. We can make it 2 weeks! I am so proud of my hubby and I just keep reassuring him that we took this risk TOGETHER for him to get a better job and that I'm behind hims 100%! He is just feeling so down on himself and he hates having to rely on my money because neither of us know how much longer I will be able to work!

So now I will show a new belly pic! This is my 20 week...I have yet to upload my 19 week one from my camera cuz it takes too long. But this ones from my cell phone! Here it is! I'm getting bigger!!!


Tori said...

Yay Emmy! Cute baby bump. Congrats on hitting the halfway mark and on improvement in PT. :)