Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weeks 22-23 of Pregnancy

Whew! Time is just flying by! I am truly having a hard time catching up! lol So let me see if I can cover everything exciting!

Ok first let me start off with my belly pic for week 22....

Oh my! It sure is growing! I have gotten to the point that my work shirt no longer covers my belly completely. You know the green shirt that I have some of my belly pics taken in? Yea...that one! I have reached a point where I have to wear a tank top underneath it to cover my belly. And this is the next size up from the size I was wearing pre pregnancy! I was wearing a large before pregnancy. I asked my boss for an XL and 2XL for later. I have been in my XL since about week 10...just cuz it was loose and comfy...but not anymore! I remember I time where I needed to pull my shirt tight in the back for my belly pics...and now I catch myself constantly pulling all the extra material to the front to try to cover my belly! haha

I have also reached the point where people can touch my belly and feel where the baby is. He really doesn't move a lot! I guess I may end up with a peaceful child! haha But really he only moves when he's being squished...or when I lay flat on my back I can feel him wiggle. The other day I was serving snack for my kids at work and leaned forward to hand a kid a pickle. My stomach hit the table when I leaned over it and I got the weirdest felling right next to my belly button! I honestly thought for a second that one of the children had reached over and tickled my belly! haha! I guess it was Eli letting me know I squished him!

In dr appointment updates...I have my GD test in the morning. I am somewhat nervous since I have insulin resistance that I will have GD too. So if I get it, I will not be surprised. I will just take care of myself the best I can! I also have my next U/S on Tuesday. This will be DH and mine's 2 year anniversary! :) And I'm pretty sure he's gonna be able to go! Also next week on Thursday is my breast feeding class. I am making my little sister go with me! lol I'm sure she's thrilled...and I think after that my appointments dwindle a little til Sept.

So Monday was DHs 27th bday! He didnt do ANYTHING for my birthday a few weeks I went ALL OUT for his! haha I got him 2 25 pound weights that he's been wanting...and a study Bible he mentioned he would like to have. I also got our family and friends together for a big birthday dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. He thought it would just be me and him and my sister...and it ended up being a lot more! :) He was VERY happy! I bought an ice cream cake with Mickey and Minnie on it :) And if you know us at all you know this is very appropriate! And his mom made his favorite pineapple upside down cake that she has not made in years! My aunt got him some more extra long t shirts that we found at Walmart that he LOVES and she got him some new jeans too. He was VERY happy! :)

So tomorrow I am 23 I went ahead and took a picture tonight! Today at work we had a "pie throwing at teachers" my hair was a MESS with whip cream all in it and I lost my contacts after wiping my I'm actually in my glasses for once! And FYI-my boss did NOT give us a heads up about this! So I had to call my hubby to bring me my glasses and a change of clothes! LOL It was so fun! So here's my 23 week pic!


B MoM said...

I love feeling baby movements!! =) My next appt is the same day as your u/s, but I dont get any more u/s from now on. Lucky girl. =)

Brooke said...

You look so cute with your glasses and your hair up!!! Seriously you should wear them more often :) Its funny whenever I wear my glasses people are like "Have you always had those?" I dont wear them often because they feel weird now that I have had contacts for so long. I dont know if you have noticed this but my contacts arent fitting as well and I think it may be the pg hormones. I have heard they can actually change the shape of your eye! Weird. So I may be in my glasses by the time this little one is born. I hope not.