Monday, August 10, 2009

The FLU :(

I have the flu :(

I had a student come in Monday at work and then the next morning her mom called to tell us she has the flu and to warn the other parents.


By Friday I did not have a single symptom, so I thought I was fine. But come Saturday I felt HORRIBLE and it was just all of a sudden. DH and I were shopping and I felt weak/numb/tingly all over and had to sit down. I thought it might have been my blood sugar. So we went to get me something to eat. I STILL felt bad. So we went home. On the way home, our car started messing up! It wouldnt shift out of 2nd gear! :( Ugh...

Anywho...we got home and I took my temp and it was 100.8 so I called my on call dr and all he said was to take Tylenol and drink lots of fluids. "What if I have the flu?" "Take Tylenol and drink lots of fluids." Well...ok then. My temp spiked that night at 101.3 and luckily the Tylenol brought it down. It spiked 3 more times Sunday but every time Tylenol brought it back down. I was supposed to be in training this week and I figured if I didnt go I better go to the dr at least. So I went to an urgent care clinic today that my mom took me to. We got there at 11:30am. I got called back at 12 and finally saw the dr at 12:45. Then we did a bunch of testing. Two strep tests. One they did in the office and one they send off. Also 2 flu tests. Again, one they did in the office and another that they send off with a blood sample.

I have the flu. It came back positive on the in office flu test. I asked "So it's just the regular flu?" He said "Well, we dont know that. We will know when we get the results back from the one we had to send off." Ok. So he gave me tamiflu. He said since my symptoms started Saturday he is hoping that we made it to the 48 hour window and that the tamiflu will help. If's Tylenol and lots of fluids for the rest of the week.

Apparently the flu is very scary right now. He told me he would suggest my husband come in and get some preventative meds. Since he doesnt have insurance we're not going to do that...but I WILL send him to this urgent care clinic if he gets it. These people were slow (I didnt get out til 2:30!) but they were helpful and nice. :)

So I have the flu :( Boo...


Tori said...

Feel better soon!