Thursday, August 20, 2009

U/S and Update :)

First dogs chewed up my camera I have no idea when I will be able to upload pics again! :(

So we went for the follow up U/S. I was really surprised that they couldnt even remember why exactly I had to have another U/S! The tech said "Well, you have diabetes so they probably just want me to check on growth." And DH and I both said "What?!" I was like "I dont have diabetes!" So she looked at my chart again and said "Oh, insulin resistance" and then I was like "At the anatomy scan she was not able to get enough good pictures of his heart or his mouth/lips." She said "Oh...ok" and went ahead and did the U/S. It was really odd!

So we got to see little man again! He is still very much a little man! We got the actual "money shot" with his little "member" in between his legs. You know, the "looking up from the toilet" shot. We also got a pic of his little face and one where he has his arms crossed like an X. We also got to have the whole thing added to our U/S DVD :)

The U/S took about 25-30 minutes. It was nice to not be rushed because my appointment was set for 10am and it was PACKED in the waiting room and we didnt get called back til about 10:45am-only to wait in another waiting room! haha

So I also found out that I have an anterior placenta. I wish they had told me this last time!!! I told DH I was getting to the point where I was concerned about baby movement because when the dr said 10 kicks every 2 hours...I thought "I only get about 10 kicks a day!" But he put my mind at ease when he told me "you know what you feel on a constant when you dont feel know to stop and pay attention." So now that I know I have that...that explains the lack of movement and I feel so much better!

Also, little bugger is 2 lbs! He's measuring about a week and 1/2 ahead. I was 24 weeks 5 days for the scan and he was measuring 26 weeks 1 day. She said "most people think this changes their due date, but it doesnt. some babies are just bigger!" LOL I asked if him being bigger presented a risk of going into labor earlier and she just said "nope!" So at least I know I dont need to worry about him being small! Although in our families...that really isnt an issue! LOL His daddy IS 6ft 3in! and his mommy is 5ft 10in!

After the U/S we met with the dr. It was the same dr I had at my last appointment. He started going over the whole contractions thing again. Then he said "Wait, didnt we go over this last time?" and I said "yes we did!" So he looked at my chart again and was like " what do I need to do with you?!" LOL Then he asked me why I had needed the other U/S...and then he said "Ok..we DO need to go ahead and give you the RH factor shot. So we'll do that...and then you can go!" Let me tell you...that shot HURT! The injection didnt hurt so was more the pressure and stinging from it going in the muscle...she had to put it in my hip! It kept itching all day and hurt when I sat down :( But that was all they had me do. He even was about to give me another appointment in 3 weeks and I was like "I have one coming up Sept 4th" so he just said "Ok...just keep that one." I guess I screwed everyone up having to come for the GD test and the extra U/S on separate days....I dunno!

I have also gained 2 pounds since my last appointment...which puts me at a total *GASP* 12 pounds. Ugh. I asked him about my weight gain and if it was too much for my pre pregnancy weight and he just told me I shouldnt worry about it. He said it would be best if I gained less than more...BUT I am not at the point where I need to watch it so closely. I also asked "Is it ok to still sleep on my back?" His response? "ABSOLUTELY it is okay to sleep on you back! It is ok to sleep on your back the whole pregnancy. Dont let those pregnancy books scare you. Yes, there is a little better cardio vascular blood flow on your side...but the main concern is getting you comfortable and if youre comfortable on your back...then stay there!" Hallelujah! :) I'm still sleeping on my back! Although I have noticed I have started shifting to my right side some. I hardly ever sleep on my left side because for some reason it brings on my heartburn and nausea. So that was great news to hear!

Oh I almost forgot! I got a call from my dr Tuesday to tell me that the flu I had last week was....THE SWINE FLU! I couldnt believe it! Apparently they only do this extensive test on the elderly and pregnant women. They sent out my flu test to the health department. Now...I went to the dr last this is a week and a day later that I find this out! I asked him if there was anything I needed to do and he said that the medication I took would have been no different...and basically nothing would have been different. So I should be okay! I just cannot believe it! This is something you hear about on TV and then when you get it yourself...and while your's just scary! But luckily I got to get an U/S and check up after I got better and I know for a fact my little man is doing great! :)

So my next appointment is Sept. 4th. And then I believe that I start every 2 weeks appointments from then on! OMG! Also...the other night I was updating my belly book with my pics and I went to put in my 24 week belly pic. I turned the page and there was no more room for belly I kept turning...and sure enough, the 25 week belly pic was under the 3rd trimester! I have read more often that the 3rd trimester starts at 28 weeks...but according to my belly starts THIS WEEK! Ive also seen a few things online say 25 weeks too...but my drs office says 28 weeks so I'm gonna stick with that. But STILL! THIRD TRIMESTER?!?! I cannot believe I'm even talking about it! WOW!

So I think that's all I have to update about! If I can get my camera cord to work I will update some U/S pics! :)


B MoM said...

I LOVE reading your blog updates. So informative. I'm glad your little guy is doing great. He's going to be big!! =) So cool! I know, I really want to say that we're in our 3rd T already, but I think I'll wait till 27-28 weeks to say that. But I am claiming 6 mos. of pregnancy already. =) Isn't this so cool? We'll get to see our little guys in about 3 months!!! =)