Thursday, August 27, 2009

Double Digits!!!

OMG! Am I reading that count down thing right?!?!?! 99 days til our EDD?!?!?! OMG!

How exciting!!! I cant believe we are getting that much closer to our little man being here!

Oh and I have the funniest story! Last night at church I heard a name from the podium that I liked a lot...Judah. Now I have, believe it or not, already been thinking about names for future siblings to little mr. eli. For some reason, I have always thought we would have 2 boys. My DH is from 2 boys and BIL and SIL have 2 boys. I have also been on the look-out for a first name that sounds well with the middle name Isaac. Isaac is DH's middle name. It would have been Eli's middle name, but Elijah Isaac just didnt sound great to me. However, Judah Isaac sounds fantastic!

So anywho...I leaned over to DH and asked "Do you like the name Judah?" And his response was VERY quick! "Yeah, a lot!" haha! I said "I think Judah Isaac sounds great!"

When we got home DH sat on the sofa and looked at me and said "You know, I REALLY like the name Judah! It would be good for a girl too!" LOL I'm not sure if this was a hint that he wants to change Eli's name or not...but I just laughed and said "I like it too!"

So...I think it's pretty official if we have any other children, especially a boy, his name will be Judah Isaac. I think it goes great with Elijah Joel. Also, the nicknames Eli and Jude go well together too!

WOW what a random post! LOL So I dont think I have much to update with...I will be 26 weeks tomorrow! In my mind that is 6 1/2 that's what I'm telling people! I am still taking belly pics...but I cant post them because I have not gotten a new camera cord :( I'm very bummed. I may start taking them with my cell phone again so I can upload them through my email...but I dunno!

I guess I will update again if anything new happens or when my appointment gets here Sept 4th!


Brooke said...

I know a Judah! I love that name. Glad you are doing so great. I cant believe how fast our little miracles are growing.

B MoM said...

look at you, planning sibling names already!! =) Happy double digits! I'll be there in two days!!