Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nursery Ideas

Well since I'm home bored with the flu...I figured I would take the time to show you guys the crib and bedding we're pretty sure we've decided on.

As I'm sure you guys already know...we want to do the nursery in Mickey Mouse. We originally wanted to do it with Disney Baby...but apparently that has not been made in forever and Pooh bear is about the only nursery line that Disney makes anymore :( We did NOT want to do Pooh bear...since it seems like everyone does Pooh bear. So we found a Mickey Mouse design at Babies R Us. We liked it was an older version of Mickey with a sports theme. We weren't too crazy about it...but it was Mickey. It was also $170! Just for the bedding set! This price did not include the mobile or decorations or anything. And we werent too crazy about it anyway! Well poo...

Well the other day a girl on my message board was thinking about me (yay!) and posted a Mickey Mouse bedding set online at Walmart. DH and I had looked at our local Walmart, but all they had was Pooh bear. But this is online! And we LOVE it! I was so thankful to this wonderful lady because this bedding set only costs $55! Plus we like it sooo much better than the other one at Babies R Us. So here are some pics...

I know that's alittle blurry...but you get the idea. Here's a pic of the comforter.

I LOVE that it just has Mickey and Pluto :) You all know how much I love my four just seems so much more "us" than sports stuff! lol The only down side is I didnt see a place to buy the mobile or the decorations. The bedding set only includes the comforter, bumper, sheet, and dust ruffle. I really like the mobile and I also like the decorations and the quilt. I'll have to do my research online and see if any other Walmarts carry it. I also like how they have "site to store" shipping so I can buy this at my Walmart even though they dont carry it. :)

Now here is the crib we want. DH and I found this crib at Babies R Us for only $250! I was really surprised by the price and thought that it must be really poorly made or not sturdy...but the whole thing is made of wood! The major selling point for DH and I is that the changing table attached to it does not require us to bend over too much...which is great! We are both very tall and with my back problems it will really be helpful. The only downside I see to this crib is that the changing table stays attached even when you convert it to a toddler bed. You can use it a night stand or something...but it may look a little awkward. I also really like that the only other things we will need in the room is a dresser and a rocking chair. The room we have is very this crib will take up one wall, the dresser will take up another, and we'll put the rocking chair in the corner. It will save a lot of space! DH and I also like all the little compartments and storage that the crib offers.

Now this is what it looks like converted to a toddler and a twin.

Another problem I have with it is that Delta does not make a matching dresser or chest of drawers or anything. So we will have to get one separately and just hope that it matches!

So that is our plan right now. I have already finished a cross stitch Mickey Mouse that I need to find a frame for. DH also wants to make our own decorations because we don't want to paint. We have tan walls everywhere in the house. Neither one of us like the idea of a bright solid color on the we just want to make a bunch of decorations and bedding and make it colorful that way.

Well I guess that's it! I am hoping I may have some family members get together and purchase the crib for us. My aunt is wanting to throw us a family oriented shower at her house where everyone comes, not just women. So hopefully if we register for it or someone asks...we can get it. But if not, that is really the only big expense we see. I won't have to buy clothes for years given the fact that we have 2 nephews close in age to Eli, plus my little brother...and having a shower where everyone LOVES to buy kid will be in hand-me-downs for a long time :) I can't wait to start talking details of the baby shower! I'm thinking of starting my registery online... :) yay!


Brooke said...

Very cute. We are getting our nursery going as well. Someone gave us a crib that was very gently used and we are getting a chest of drawers for 50$!! I am excited to see it all come together. We are the opposite of you guys tho. We are planning on a baseball football theme and we will be using darker primary colors like blue and red because we are big dallas cowboys and boston red sox fans! Its so great we are both having boys!! I really hope you get better soon. You have had the worst luck.

Tori said...

Totally do the site-to-store thing on Walmart's website. They have so much more online than they ever do in stores. It's how we got Zach's nursery stuff, which was only carried on the website. You pay nothing for shipping, so it's just like you got it at the store. The only downfall is you have to wait a week or two to pick it up, but for free shipping, it's sooo worth it. Also, keep a close eye on your local craigslist. We got our changing table for $25 and the same crib we had wanted from a store for $125 and it came with a mattress (which usually run at least $60-$100 on their own). You'd be surprised what you can find on there furniture wise!