Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gestational Diabetes Test and Monthly OB Appointment

Well...this was the first appointment I have had to go to by myself :(

DH luckily has been picking up some landscaping work through a family friend. Hooray! Down side is...even though he wasn't in training, he was he couldnt go with me! My mom was going to come, but when DH found out he didnt get into training we told her nevermind...he's coming with me. I still thought he was, but the night before (at like...11pm!) he tells me he cant go. Too late to call mom! Oh well...but I ended up texting her the whole time I was was a BORING hour to wait!

So...I passed! Hallelujah! I was soooo worried about getting GD since I have insulin resistance. But I'm good! :) The drink was carbonated (I HATE sodas). It tasted like orange soda but waaaaay too sugary. It wasnt really thick and I was expecting, but it definitely did not taste good! I just chugged it cuz I didnt want to wait any longer than I had to. It was only abouy 4-6 oz so not too bad. Then I had to wait an hour. That was awful! I was texting mom, playing a game on my phone...and did I mention? STARVING! For this test you have to fast from midnight on. This was hard for me because I keep this big thing of apple juice next to my bed to drink periodically through the night because I get a really dry throat. Water makes me gag. So I couldnt have my apple juice. I also keep a big thing of TUMS. One reason why I think still sleep on my back is because when I roll to my side it gives me heartburn and nausea. So I am popping TUMS and sipping apple juice just about every time I get up to pee. And that's about 2-4 times a night. I totally still took TUMS that night! Oops! But it was ok anyway! So anywho...the last 15 minutes of the waiting was the worst. I started to get really hot and sweaty and REALLY hungry. It felt like a lifetime! Finally it was 9:45 and I went back. They pricked my finger...I now have a bruise :( lol. I only noticed because when I turned on my turn signal in my car it hurt! haha Then she sent me to room 1. I met a new dr today. A male dr. I havent had a male dr yet! I LOVED him! He was very relaxed, very funny, and very to the point.

So he comes in and introduces himself. His first question is "are you feeling baby move?" I say "yes, but not kicks. Just little rolls." Then he asks if I'm having any contractions. Contractions?!?! I said "I dont think so...." He says "Do you ever get a really tight, hard feeling in your lower stomach?" "Yes..." "That's a contraction." "Oh!!!!" He said most women think it's the baby balling up tight (add me to that group!) but he said "But do you really think you would feel that?" And I was just like "Um...I guess not!" haha. So apparently I am having contractions! OMG! He then went on to tell me that if they become more frequent or painful (because right now they dont hurt AT ALL) that I need to lay down flat on my back and feel my stomach. I need to time how long it stays hard. Then I need to time it from when it gets soft to when it gets hard again. If they become very frequent or very painful...I need to call. If they are 5 minutes apart...I need to come in. I said "WOW I cant believe I'm already talking about this stuff!" and he laughed and said "Yup, youre having a baby!" haha

All the while he's telling me about this he is using the doppler to hear baby's heartbeat. I loved that he did this because I got to heart it for longer. He said he sounds good and even threw in a few kicks! Then he actually felt my stomach and explained to me what exactly I need to feel for for a contraction. Very helpful! Then he handed me some paper work and said I needed to fill it out and send it in to register with the hospital. He said that way if I ever come in to ER or go in to preterm labor they will already have all my information.

He also said we are entering a critical period. The time period where baby can survive outside the womb. O...M...G. Obviously, we want him to bake A LOT longer, but at 24 weeks he has an almost 50% chance of survival! OMG OMG OMG! How bizarre! That is when he continued to talk more in detail about signs of preterm labor. If I start feeling even the slightest bit odd...I need to lay down. And I need to focus on my belly and contractions and movement. WOW. That was a little overwhelming!

And finally he said "Now I'm going to give you a chart and then I'm going to tell you to not do anything with it." Um...ok! lol It was about kick counting. He said "The only reason why I say that is because you know your baby is moving, you know how often he's moving, etc etc. If you ever reach a day where you go 'huh, I havent felt him yet today' then find a quiet place and focus on your belly. If you feel him move a few times, great. If's time to start counting. You want to have around 10 kicks in 2 hours." Ok sounds good! He said if after focusing for awhile and not feeling's time to give them a call.

I also did my RH factor testing. Since I have O- blood I have to get a shot just in case my son has positive blood. I told him my DH has O- too. He said he wasnt going to take his word for it! lol Just to be on the safe side. He said if DH and I both have negative blood...then baby will have negative blood. But just in case DH is wrong...I need the shot. The shot gives me the antibodies to fight positive blood. He said it's not really a problem right now...but during delivery babies blood could get into my blood. Then my body would start producing antibodies against that blood. It wouldnt cause a problem for this baby...but it could cause problems is consecutive pregnancies or if I ever needed a transfusion. It could cause early miscarriage because my body would fight off another positive blood baby. So I'm good with going ahead and getting the shot just to be safe :)

All in all it was a fantastic appointment! It was very informative...but also very overwhelming with so much information! This is one appointment I really wish DH had been at. I think I would have been less overwhelmed. He asked me if I had any questions...I couldnt come up with any. But of course, as soon as I got home...I had some! Oh well!

So my next appointment is actually this coming Tuesday...the 11th. This is for my follow up U/S and hopefully we can get some better pics of his heart! Tuesday also happens to be mine and DHs 2 year anniversary! Hopefully we can do something fun! :)

After the U/S my next appointment is not until Sept 4th. I will be 27 weeks then! This is going by sooooo fast!!!


Brooke said...

Sounds like things are moving right along. I cant believe you are already 24 weeks. I have been looking for braxton hicks contractions but I got nothin. Just a baby that is so active I feel like I have a bunny rabbit in my womb!!

Nikki said...

Okay I heart this doctor... you are in good hands, he's REALLY helpful. OMG you're 24 weeks... time is FLYING!!

B MoM said...

omg, super helpful information. That doctor was great!!! My next appt. is tomorrow.