Monday, December 8, 2008

The Husband Tag!

So Annie tagged me to do the husband tag! I love my hubby to death! This will be fun!!!

5 Things Joel Loves:
1. Me :)
2. His Family
3. Reading
4. Computer Games
5. MOVIES! lol

5 Things on Joel's "To Do" List:
1. Pick up Jordan from school today
2. Pick up his work clothes from his mom's
3. Call Superior Finance
4. Take a shower
5. Fix dinner :)

5 Foods Joel Enjoys:
1. Burger King...he could eat here every day!!!
2. My Cincinnati chili
3. Misaki's
4. Chinese
5. Steak

5 Things You May Not Know About Joel:
1. he has carpal tunel and has to wear stints at night
2. he takes a shower downstairs so our bathroom upstairs doesn't get stained from the grease he has all over him after work
3. he moved up in his job faster than anyone ever!
4. he watches movies instead of TV in his spare time
5. he cooks better than me :) haha

5 Quirky Things About Joel:
1. he never gets the words right to ANY songs! lol
2. he cant' sleep in t-shirts
3. we have aluminum foil over our bedroom window because he cannot sleep with ANY light in the room
4. he eats ALL leftovers...even the ones that aren't his! haha
5. he LOVES to get dressed up because he's so dirty at work and he HATES being dirty

This was so much fun! I love my hubby to death! I think I'm going to have to share this with him when he gets home!!!

Alright...for some fun...I'm going to tag: B (The Angry Infertile), B Mom, Brookebug, and Foxy!