Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So on to Month 14

So I am officially in Month 14 now. I have a nice glass of wine sitting next to me. Don't worry...I know it holds an insane amount of carbs I'm sure...but I'm alright. It's the only bad carb I've allowed into my new diet to date. However...tomorrow is Thanksgiving and while I will be careful, I am not going to cut myself off from eating everything unhealthy. That is just ridiculous. I am not going to let this insulin resistance rule my life. I am healthier person today than I was 2 weeks ago. I will eat in moderation. I will monitor my carbs. But I will not let my diet over-rule my life. I will still be normal..and I will eat.

So on the IF front...AF showed yesterday me a whopping 10 day LP. That's just awesome (NOT). So out of the 5 cycles I have had I have had 2 cycles with 11 day luteal phases and 2 with 10 day luteal phases. So in January I will be discussing this with my ObGyn. I think she will be putting me on Clomid, but she may also want to put me on something with Progesterone to extend my LP. In fact, ever since I started charting (6 months ago!) and saw how short my LP was, I always wondered if I had a luteal phase defect. So I guess I will know in January. Until then...I will continue with the Metformin and keep my fingers crossed. I increase to the final stage of my Metformin on Friday...1500mg. I just hope it makes a difference.

Come on Christmas BFP!


Brookebug said...

Oh I hate that evil witch! I am sorry she showed and I hope that you can get some answers about your short LP soon. Try taking some evening primrose. Oh crap I cant remember when you are supposed to take it in your cycle. Oh well. Look it up on the internet. It might be a good way to at least try something till you see your doctor. Have a great turkey day! I will be working..

Anonymous said...

I hope you've had a good but restrained Turkey Day.

So you know, beer is worst for carbs. White wine isn't great but tolerable in small amounts with a meal. However, the good news is that red wine has very very few carbs - so you can have a glass or two without thinking that you're doing any damage.

While I understand that you feel that your diet cannot rule your life, don't forget that your body isn't "normal" and you need to take care of it. It's the only one you've got...

I'm sorry if I sound negative but getting into good habits takes time and effort. It is worth it!

Take care.