Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Spread Your Legs Time!

hahahaha :) is that time again :) I had fertile cm this afternoon. We BDed too :)

This cycle I have told DH NOTHING...I'm very proud of myself. It is a total turn off to DH to hear "I'm ovulating!" lol So I have kept my mouth shut :)

Today I saw the cm and came out of the bathroom and sat right on his lap. He was already I took advantage. haha

So I pretty much always have fertile cm on CD 15 and then I end up Oing a few days my plan it to BD everyday until CD 21 at least. I'm pretty sure I can accomplish that as long as I don't use the word "ovulate."

The funny thing is...if you look through my charts, DH and I have NEVER BDed on the actual day of O. Usually a few days before, the day before, the day after...but not the actual O day. Now, we have techinally BDed on the day of O. You know, at like 3am....and then not BDed again until the next day. So we very well could have missed the O because we BDed more than 12-24 hours apart. I hope this makes does in my mind. lol

So I am basically holding out hope that the only reason we have not conceived yet is timing. It's not likely...but what do have to lose? Just time...and by the time we have our next Ob/Gyn appointment I will have already Oed. So I'm holding out hope!