Thursday, November 20, 2008


So...if you follow my blog...let me know!!! I follow a lot of you! So show me some love! hahahaha


Anonymous said...


Don't be too hard on yourself. Trust me, the diet gets easier the longer you're on it. You are obviously as addicted to carbs as I was if you're finding it difficult.

Can I suggest that when you have your fried breakfast, have a tomato? You still need to get your 5 a day...

As regards lunches, I cannot have wheat bread. Nor can I have sandwiches (too many carbs in two slices of bread!). Lunch is therefore a difficult affair. I have what the English call a "Ploughmans" - which is a bit of meat, cheese and salad. If you decide that you hate this, try making soups at home (so you can control how much sugar is actually in the thing) and take soups to work for lunch.

Finally, if you're very strict for as long as you can stand it, you won't feel so bad about having the odd naughty nibble once a week or so. By naughty nibble, I mean one square of a bar of dark chocolate. I expect you'll be able to have more of a nibble than me...

Remember, you're craving the carbs because your body is addicted to them. If you're strict you break the addiction. Keep your chin up and the sugars and carbs far, far away.


B said...

Hi Emmy, I'm a fact I think I'm the only one following publicly. lol! I just started following you when stumbling across your blog from another's page. Anyways, just wanted to say, I'm here and I'm showing some love. =)

Jeanne said...


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Have a great day!!

Jeanne :)