Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 6 of Pregnancy :)

Let me just start with...I LOVE BEING PREGNANT.

I seriously can't describe it in words. We had a family get together for Easter yesterday. I am already showing. It's totally bloat...but still. I look like I'm already 4 months or something. So aunt is super excited. She wanted to do a bunch of old wives tales to see what I'm having. Apparently...I'm having a girl! LOL But we'll see about that.

Alright...moving on. So my step mom...who I was really surprised was so happy for us...didn't last long. She said something along the lines of "Well what made you guys think to get pregnant now? And aren't you worried about how to manage?" And I usually don't stand up to her and my I was proud of myself when I said "It may not be the most appropriate time with Joel not having a job now...but no amount of money would show how much I am going to love this baby. I don't regret a thing." Go me :)

So now I'll tell you about my belly. I wish I hadn't left my camera at my aunt's because now I can't post the belly pics. Oh my belly is so huge already. Some of my family thought it was dad, decided to use it as a jab against my weight. I am so so so used to my dad and his wife saying things about my weight. It's so annoying. we're leaving I go to say goodbye to my little brother that my dad is holding. My dad says "She's gonna give you a little nephew!" And I said "Or a little niece!" And my dad said "Well I think you're having twins..." THANKS DAD.

And of course....NO ONE BELIEVES ME when I tell them I have NOT GAINED ANY WEIGHT! But I really haven't! It is all bloat (and gas! haha)! I weigh...hold your breath....272 and I'm 5'10". So far since I found out I was pregnant I have weighed between 268-274. So as far as symptoms...nothing too bad. I threw up last night which was just But besides that, just need to eat when I'm hungry...and I'm good. Right now I am battling with allergies really bad...and it sucks to not be able to take anything for them. I'm getting really bad headaches because of the drainage...and I don't sleep well at night because of it. Also, the coughing doesn't help because when I'm nauseous and I cough...I throw up. So that's not fun.

So our first appointment is Thursday! Can't wait!


B MoM said...

Lucky girl, showing already. I'm not really showing at all, but I noticed the belly bloat. Like you, i haven't gained any weight, and have even lost a couple pounds from my change in eating habits, but you wouldn't know seeing as how bloated my belly looks. I have an updated belly photo for my sidebar (taken at 6 weeks) but I haven't uploaded it yet. My appt. is tomorrow. I cant wait either!! Looking forward to your first belly photo!!

Amanda said...

Congrats and it is super exciting being pregnant! Enjoy it and by you saying you were excited to throw up...I am sure you are reveling in each moment! LOL Good luck!

Brooke said...

I am so excited for you being bloated, gassy, and vomiting!! lol Yeah for you. I am glad you stood up to MIl good job! I hope you can post some pics soon. I am sure you are the cutest little 6 weeks prego girl. Hey remember that dream you had about meeting me? I was prego right? Maybe we were both prego? I think so. I just know I will be pg before you have your baby. I hope I hope. Did I mention im super happy for you guys. Dhs varicocelle surgery should be the first week of May. Wish us luck!

B MoM said...

emmy, I'm anxiously awaiting your did it go today??