Monday, April 6, 2009

Week 5 of Pregnancy!

I honestly cannot believe I am writing this blog. I have been so stuck on when to start a new post because I keep logging in and reading my "I'm Pregnant!" post and I just stared at it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get pregnant like this. It is so surreal.

I feel quite odd now too. I'm kind of stuck in between being an IF survivor and a mommy. I have joined a new message board on babyzone called Pregnancy After Infertility. But I was asked to host the December Due Date Club. I accepted, but then I logged in and the first post a I read was from a girl that is 17 and just found out she was pregnant and her and her boyfriend are planning on getting married, but don't know when now that they're expecting. How am I supposed to have anything in common with her?! Oh yea...we're both pregnant. But I have a feeling this hosting thing will be a struggle...

I feel so lost without offering my support to the ladies on the TTC 9+months board. But I have made my promise to not post there often because I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable. I've been there, done that. And as excited as I am for myself, I have left some incredibly fantastic women back on that board that are still struggling. I will be praying for them everyday that God blesses them.

Now for the fun stuff....I am sick, sick, sick! And it is FABULOUS! I have morning/noon/night/all the time sickness! But I am honestly enjoying every minute of it! LOL I have actually lost 3 pounds because I have been puking my guts out and not eating. DH claims my boobs are getting bigger (well actually he said my 'areolas' but I figured that was too graphic!). I am not really craving any foods...I'm actually quite the opposite. I have food aversions to everything! I'm very very picky right now. On top of that I am hungry about every 3-4 hours, but I only eat a little bit. I threw up last night at church and DH rushed out to get me ginger snaps and ginger-ale. The cookies are incredibly helpful! The ginger-ale...well, I'm not a fan of I'm working on it. The hardest thing for me is to not have my sugar free crystal light tea! I'm dying of thirst and DH will only let me have water or milk right now til I can find a healthy alternative.

In other news...I have told just about every single person that I know!!! It has been so fantastic and I have just been on cloud 9! My sister was by far the most excited for us! The least excited was probably my dad...but he didn't say anything negative at we're doing alright! My DH has been at my beck and call 24/7! He is so excited! I love him to death! He cooked supper tonite and did the dishes and everything! He is trying so hard to help me out! And I'm not gonna lie...I'm lovin it!

And the BIG news!!! I called my Ob/Gyn today and set up my first appointment! They told me I didn't need to come in for bloodwork?? But first appointment is set for April 16th, 2009 at 10:30am. And here's the real kicker...this was the day for our FIRST RE appointment!!! OMG!!!!!!!! We are CANCELLING that! haha I will be about 6 weeks and 6 days for our first appointment which is kind of on the early side of things as far as seeing the heart beat...but the nurse said we would! So that appointment will give me my official due date and we will hopefully be able to see the heart beat!

In other momma news...our puppies are now 1 week old! I swear they have doubled in size! They are absolutely adorable! I need to get pics up!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just started posting on TTC 9+ and found your blog through Brooke's blog... Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I know what you mean about hosting. That's how it is hosting TTc in General. "Hi! I just started TTC and I think I'm pg!" Right, I have a lot in common w/you!!! LOL. But I just wanted to say, don't feel like you have to say a whole lot to them. Just say hi, good to meet you and hope you have a great pg. Don't let yourself get too caught up in feeling like you have to respond to everything they say or you'll get burnt out on hosting pretty quickly!!!!

I'm so happy for you and you give me hope that it can still happen!

Nikki said...

ginger ale and ginger snaps....OMG.... yum... please forgive me while I run to the supermarket.

B MoM said...

emmy i LOVE reading your posts. i love your enthusiasm. I love your glee. I love everything about them and every time I read your posts, i cannot help share the same sense of excitement. conincidentally, my first appt will be when I'm 6 weeks 6 days pregnant and it will be on the 14th. We're just 2 days apart!!!! That is sooo freaking cool!