Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've Been Tagged! And An Update.

So Brooke (love her!) tagged me to do this little game of going into my 6th folder of pictures and showing you the 6th picture...let's see what I can find....

So my 6th folder is my wedding pics...and the 6th picture is a picture of my little sister, Abby as a bridesmaid. :) She's so cute!

Now I tag...hmm....I don't think I know anyone besides Brooke that posts pics! haha But just in case...let's say B MoM and Foxy!

Now for the update! :) I am 7 weeks 2 days today...or something like that. I was in a wedding over the weekend in Kentucky. It was about a 3 1/2-4 hour drive for us. We left Friday afternoon at 12:45 and had to pick up another groomsman on the way and pick up the groom's computer on the way too and finally arrived at the church in Kentucky at 5 pm. Right in time for the rehearsal to start. Would you believe I was so pregnant that I just gave up and sat on the front pew instead of in the bridesmaid's line like I was supposed to?! Yea....I was TIRED!

Then that night all the bridesmaids stayed together at a ladies house for Emily's (yes, we have the same name!) personal shower and sleepover. We ate (and I ate, and ate, and ate!) and talked and laughed and it was fun. We went to bed about 2am. NOT a good idea when I have to be up at 8am! And I probably didn't fall asleep until 3am because I forgot my TUMS! I was about to die with that heartburn and I've still got a cough! I was tossing and turning most of the night. I was praying "God, please do not let me wake up and think I'm home and puke off the side of the bed." (I have a trash can next to me in my bedroom).

So I woke up at 6:30am instead of 8am. So I got about 4 hours sleep. And we went non stop from there! We headed to another ladies house to get our hair done and eat breakfast (glorious breakfast! biscuits and gravy and sausage and milk!). Then the other pregnant bridesmaid and I (yes, we're due the EXACT same day! cool!) headed off to the church to decorate the columns. Then off to the reception site to decorate the tables and I made punch. Joel's best friend Steven was the best man in our wedding. He LOVED our punch so I promised to make it for his wedding too. But the bride insisted on red koolaid instead of purple because purple was the farthest color from matching! lol Then we were BACK to the church to get dressed and ready! I was SO HOT in that stupid dress!

So off to the ceremony...I about fell over standing there for 30 min. The ceremony was so messed up. The pastor had the groom repeat the vows, but said them all at once so all the bride said was "I do." It was really weird and Emily was REALLY upset. But I told doesn't're married now!!! Then we sat at the church for 2 hours for by the time we got to the reception site...there were hardly any people! But me and the other pregnant lady ate and ate because we hadn't eaten since breakfast! ahh!!!!!! DH and I headed out to decorate the car with empty soda cans and trash bags and window paint and streamers and lube on the car door handles :) haha. It was hilarious!

But needless to the time I had been standing all day and been in that huge dress for like 9 hours....I was ready to go home!!! So we changed and packed and we were on the road back home about 7 ish. On the way home I was hungry and we stopped at Wendy's and got a 5 piece chicken nugget. I was very nauseous all the way home so I ended up using DH's empty Wendy's cup while I was gagging. My sweet DH was rubbing my back the whole time. I told him not to pull over because I was READY to be home! I don't think the chicken had hit my stomach yet because I was just dry heaving (tmi, I know!). It was awful. It seemed like it took 12 hours to get home.

Well once we get close to home I tell DH I'm still hungry and that might be why I'm still we go back to Wendy's for more chicken nugggets! lol I love them! haha But what happens when I get home?! I sit on our bed...SO HAPPY to be home. DH goes to Walmart to get me some Tylenol PM and Triamenic so I can sleep. I eat my chicken nuggets and lay down. I start I do every night. And I throw up. And I throw up again. And I throw up again. And again. By that time DH got home and he emptied the trash for me :( He gave me my meds and something to drink. I felt much better after throwing up. But this was probably the worst vomiting I have had. It hurt my face. That was awful.

So that's my update! Our next appointment is not until May 22nd! This coming Friday is my last day of school! And May 6th for graduation is fast approaching!

Oh...and just for you Brooke....the pic of me with my goody bag :)


Nikki said...

I'm so jealous.... your puking was so much less then I couldn't even eat chicken until a week ago... you lucky girl!!!

foxywaitingroom said...


I'll be posting a photo later on today - thanks for tagging me.

I love your ultrasound photo! I know you have obviously felt pregnant for some time but now that I can see the baby in black and white, the situation seems that much more REAL somehow.

I hope your sickness doesn't get you down...