Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 8 of Pregnancy has officially been 3 weeks since I found out I was pregnant! Wow time flies!

So I am anxiously awaiting a post from my dear friend, Brooke...gosh darnit woman it's been 2 freakin days! Sheesh....haha I love ya! :)

So let's talk symptoms! I am nauseous! I am tired! I have heartburn! I have a heightened sense of smell! I am thirsty! I am craving foods from my childhood! I have a headache!

I think that about sums it up. And you know what?? I LOVE IT. The other night as I woke from sleep at 3am to throw up...DH pulled back my hair for me and let me go at that trash can...and I thought "Thank you God for this pregnancy" What?! Oh yea...I said it. I was puking my brains out and my face was hurting and hot and I thanked God for this little one. This little miracle.

Now I know I haven't been blogging as much as I used to. You want to know why?? Because I am happy. I created this blog to talk about IF. I created so I could have a place to complain and give my poor DH a break. But this blog turned into something new! It became a place where I found great support and it's now where I am writing about my first pregnancy. How fascinating.

So...week's not an above average week. I'm getting sicker as I go along. DH and I went to sign up for TennCare today and food stamps and WIC. With his being laid off and me being pregnant...we look pretty pitiful. But really all we need is the TennCare. I need health insurance and DH's health benefits end at the end of the month. And it's not looking like he's getting called back. So I am starting my job back at my old after school care. I have applied to work for the school system as an interpreter in the fall. But obviously that job isnt available until also applied to work with my local community interpreting company. I should be setting up an interview with them later this week. At least I'm hoping so. It is crazy how nervous you can get when interpreting for an interview. But oh well...I gotta do it! So in the mean time I will be working at my after school care again :)

Now for some random news...maybe Foxy can help me out on this one ;) I got a call from my ObGyn today and she was a little concerned. The first words out of her mouth on the message were "So I got your blood work today and..." And of course I'm thinking "OMG My numbers are too low! OMG!" But she continued "everything looks good except your blood sugar" "OH THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!" I about fell to the floor! "It was 136 and that's a little high so we definitely want to keep you on the Metformin. So I was thinking I may want to set you up with a diabetes give me a call tomorrow." Yes maam, I will. Now here is my question. She says my blood sugar was 136. ok, fine. But I had just eaten before going in to my appointment and my blood was not taken until the end...about an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours after I ate. I'm thinking that she thinks this is "fasting" blood sugar. If that is the case, then 136 would be high. But if it's 2 hours after you eat it can be as high as 180 and there's nothing to worry about. So the first thing I'm going to tell her is that I DID eat before my my blood sugar sounds about right. Does that sounds reasonable to anyone? Any suggestions?? moving on. Cravings...hmmm....I am really liking those microwavable pizzas from Tostinos that I used to eat as a kid. They are SO BAD for you and so gross, but for some reason, I like them now! Then lets see...I'm really liking orange juice and tropical punch and fruit punch. And cereal. I think I am past the aversions stage...but I am at the point where my stomach picks out ONE THING that it wants and it wont eat anything else.

Oh...and poor DH. He found out he had the flu. I got SO MAD at him for sleeping with me while he was sick! I was like "If I get sick I cant take anything you dummy!" But I actually went to the doctor today because I have had a terrible head cold and nothing over the counter was helping. And honestly, I think the puking was mainly an effect from the coughing. You know, cough so much you throw up? yea, that seems to be me these days. And OH do I have a HEADACHE! I have had a constant headache for 2 days now at least...and I am resisting the urge to take any medicine. Mainly because I knew I would take something from the doctor for this cold because it's killing me. He gave me hopefully that will clear it up.

So no other news here except that I am graduating in a week!!! I have an exam Wednesday and then one next Monday and graduation next Wednesday! hooray!

So nothing new going here too appointment isn't until May 22nd...sheesh...I'm tired of waiting already!


Brooke said...

Bad blogger. You and me both. I just popped in to check on you and say hi. I will post soon. Just need to gather myself :)

I am so happy you are so sick! lol

Tori said...

Congrats on your graduation Emmy! :) And don't feel bad about the pizzas, that's all I could stand to eat my first Tri :)

Brooke said...

Hey send me an email

thats my personal one. I dont check the bz one as often since its slower.

B MoM said...

I feel ya on the anxiousness for the next appt. Mine isn't until May 19th as well. Over 1month since we saw our little one. I've had very light symptoms, but had my first light headache last night. Like you I welcome the symptoms, but I wish they were stronger. I have cravings and food aversions and my sense of smell is very sensitive. However b/c my symptoms are light, I still experience a sense of "am I really pregnant?" I still think its so cool that we'll both be having babies at the same time!

HFRAZIER said...

Wow, I was search TennCare requirements and found you! lol We have a lot in common - I hope we can keep in touch (my email is I just found out that I am 9 weeks pregnant and I have PCOS...I didn't think it would happen! So far so good, but still just having hope it stays that way. (my miracle) My husband and I just turned 25. I am having the same cravings as you...hehehe Right now I have tortinos pizza in the freezer and in the frige- orange juice/tropical punch/fruit punch for me to's all I want! My due date is JAN 26 2010. (I believe right after yours now!) I couldn't resist not to speak to you and check and make sure all is well. Good luck with everything. O yeah I am going to health dept. tom to apply for tncare too...