Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not Much To Report

Well...I'm not pregnant. Obviously. No, AF has not shown up, but I'm just setting myself up for it. She should be here any day now and I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up to her tomorrow because my back is killing me in that "AF" sort of way.

So...let's see. DH has not started his vitamins yet. Mainly because we haven't had time to go search for them and we're waiting for our final unemployment check on Friday. Our last one! DH is so happy to be back at work. But he comes home so sore and so tired! He's been out of work for 6 weeks!!! So hopefully we will get him started on them very soon. I'm thinking I will reschedule his next urologist appointment for 3 months right after he starts the vitamins. We originally had it scheduled from 3 months from the last appointment, but we'll do it exactly 3 months from him starting the vitamins and then schedule a new S/A. After that, we'll schedule a follow up consultation. Hopefully in which we'll get some answers and some idea for what our next moves are. I am scared to death to get bad news. Oh, and also DH needs to do the U/S sometime between now and the follow up appointment. Hopefully once we get back on track here in the next few weeks we can get him in for that.

As for me...I'm in the tail end of an annovulatory cycle. Ugh, it sucks. I had crazy CM this lasted for like over a week! And this cycle (since I figured it was a bust anyway) we just BDed when we wanted to. We may have it covered...but I don't really know. But I don't care! haha Oh yeah...I have NOT TEMPED in 4 DAYS!!!!!'s such a relief. I still log in to FF to record CM and stuff...but no temp. I think I will still do FF without my temp just so I still have a place to record CM, BD and all that stuff. I won't obsess near as much as I do with temps!

So on the school front. OMG I hate history! Seriously...I will be lucky if I pass. I can't even begin to study! Ah! It's the most boring thing EVER! I have a mid term tomorrow...and I have barely, BARELY studied! But for good news...I am loving my internship! OMG it is the best! I am really starting to get more comfortable...and I think the kids are starting to finally get comfortable with me :) It's so awesome.

So for some random news...our heat is out. Which definitely sucks when it's freezing outside! And apparently it's something big like a fan or something that needs to be replaced and DH said $150-$200. Ugh. So we're using space heaters which work quite nice for the bedrooms. And our living room is always cold anyway because we leave the back door open for the dogs; so it's not a problem in there really. I guess we'll be without heat for about a week or 2. Oh well! I hope it gets warmer!

So I guess I will update when AF shows. Or when we finally get DHs vitamins. Whichever comes first :)


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