Friday, February 13, 2009

I don't have a title...blah, blah, blah...

So I'm just blah. I'm really only posting just so I can keep up with our steps. I'm very unemotional right now. I haven't been posting much on my message's just too depressing. This crazy things called TTC has just killed me inside. But the good news is...I don't obsess over it. I feel like I'm at the point where I don't care...and that may just be okay.

So DHs urologist appointment went just fine. We were given a website to look at to purchase some vitamins if we want. They found a bump. He freaked out. The doctor said it may be a varicocele. DH has an ultrasound set up to look at it. He also set up another appointment for 3 months from now to see how we're doing. Oh, I forgot to mention poor DH has to do another "test" Thursday.

And that's it. I have my CD 21 BW this coming Monday. I don't think I Oed. My temps have been so unreliable! But DH and I have not really been BDing much...mainly because I'm trying the whole "BD when you want to" thing and apparently we never "want" to. That's just sad. But anywho...I'm thinking this cycle is a bust.

I'll update when I go to my appointment Monday.


Brooke said...

I am glad you guys went to urologist I am afraid we will be going soon also. That is a bit scary about the lump. You know if it is a varicole it can be fixed with laser surgery. The bummer part is I am sure its expensive. I hope you guys get some new insurance soon.

Anonymous said...

Emmy, I have tagged you in my blog. I hope that your appointment tomorrow is more positive than all the bad news you've had recently. Smile.