Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Girls...when God turns your life around...he really turns it around!

Just reading over my post from yesterday...I was so out of hope. I was pretty much set on not getting pregnant or even having my life together for AT LEAST the next 3 months. I was terrible to say the least.

But what a difference a day makes!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!

Are you ready for this?!

My husband is to report back to work Sunday night....

TAKE IT ALL IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you that have been faithful readers and friends...I'm giving you a moment :) haha!

Now that the excitement is over (yea right!) I will explain it all....

He is NOT going back to the same position he was in. He is taking quite a pay cut. About 3 o 4 dollars an hour less. But please, who cares?! My husband is going back to work! woohoo! So anywho...he has no idea what position he will be in now. The process that he was the operator for is still not back on 3rd shift. Since he is reporting for 3rd shift...obviously he is not going back to the same Level 6 job. The man he spoke to today, who runs the whole factory, said to expect to be put into a Level 2-Level 4 position. The levels show the range of pay. So with worst case scenario he will be put in a Level 2 job, which is quite a bit less pay. But obviously, HE'S GOING BACK TO WORK!!! So he may be put back into the position he was in when the economy improves or things get back to normal.


PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just cannot wait to tell everyone at church that has been praying for us! I will most likely burst out into tears and start praising the Lord uncontrollably at the altar...I dunno about, I may wait until Sunday...hahaha But whatever!!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to thank ALL OF YOU that have been faithfully praying for us. This has been the toughest month of my entire life. With my husband losing his job, putting treatments on hold, finding more fertility problems, etc has been a crazy time! But even though we won't be doing any treatments for the next 3 months....we WILL have the money to put DH on vitamins and we WILL have health insurance to still go to the doctor will illnesses and we WILL be able to pick up right where we left off as soon as that 3 months is up. Insurance was not the only reason we were putting treatment on hold. The fact that DH has fertility issues is a reason to just simply not waste the Clomid. But now we will simply put DH on the vitamins and I will stay on Metformin and focus on losing weight.

Here is our TTC plan that leads us up to our 2 year TTC mark in October:

When the 3 months is up DH will get his U/S and go for his next S/A. Once we get those results, we will look back into Clomid and start 100mg and do that for 5 more months. So by our 2 year TTC mark in October if the Clomid has not been successful then we will look into varicocele surgery (if that is in fact what DH has) and then IUIs or IVF. It will basically be determined by what DHs results are which one we chose to do. update you about my appointment with the Diabetes Consultant. She was fabulous! She was very helpful! And I am SO GLAD that I am going through this with the insulin resistance because with my paternal grandmother and my mother both having diabetes I am obviously set up for it! So she made it clear that starting to monitor it now will greatly decrease my chances of getting diabetes...even though insulin resistance makes me 40% more likely to get it. She showed me how to use the little thing that I stick myself with and how to read the meter. She has me checking it at different times throughout the month until my next appointment. She wants me checking it only once a day. I have to vary the time myself. I can chose to do it 1 house before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. Today I chose to do it 2 hours after breakfast. It was 99. I wasn't scheduled to eat lunch until noon (I took it at 10am) so that was kinda low. But basically I am doing at a different time everyday to see what my baseline seems to be or see if I can find any patterns, triggers, etc. She gave me a cute little plate that I use to measure out my food portions. So far so good! It's really not that difficult! I have yet to actually stick myself though! Last night the lady did it for me at the appointment and then DH did it. Then today I had a fellow staff member who has diabetes help me since it was my first time! haha I'm such a loser!

So all in things are starting to get great! I am actually thanking God for this 3 month break because it gives me a chance to have a goal of weight loss in place. That way I will focus all my energy on losing weight and getting healthier and adapting to a diabetic lifestyle instead of IF. Hallelujah! As soon as this cycle is over, I am STOPPING TEMPING!!!!! omg I cannot believe I just wrote that. But yes, after 8 cycles of temping, I'm done. And I most likely won't start again. The Clomid this cycle has made my chart really hard to interpret, so it's not helping anyway. So I believe I am just done. Thank the Lord! This means no more timed BD and no more freaking out! Ahhhh....I guess this break won't be so bad after all. I think I will feel like we are still actually doing something about it since DH will be on the vitamins and I will still be on the Metformin...but I just won't be focusing all my time on it :) Ahhh...much needed. short...thank you thank you THANK YOU for your prayers and kind words about DH's job. I am so so so thankful to have a SAVIOR like JESUS CHRIST who steps in when His children see no way out! PRAISE THE LORD!!!


foxywaitingroom said...

I'm just delighted for you and your husband!! It's such a relief to get working again!! I know!!

Now, about that Insulin Resistance. My best suggestion is to be very strict for about 2 weeks and then occasionally let yourself have a little bite of something only remotely bad for you: dark chocolate or berries. The trouble starts when you have one cookie or chip. One cookie leads to two and three before you know it and then you've had a bad day. Next thing you know, you start to feel down and have all the other symptoms that we suffer...

Take care.

B MoM said...

You are so cute! Your exuberance practically jumps off the page. Im so happy for you and yes, PRAISE the Lord. He is Good.

Annie said...

I'm really happy for you! YAY for restored health insurance!!!

Tori M. said...

I'm so happy to hear this Emily! It's always nice to see proof that prayers DO work! :) Congrats to your Hubbs on returning to work and congrats to you on feeling happier :)