Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poppin' That Pill...

Or, in my case, pill-S- I am SO SICK. Bronchitis and AF and back pain all together. Can we say "DEATH WITHOUT DYING?!" Yea...this sucks.

SO! Some updated news. I will start Clomid tomorrow. I'm going to take it before I go to bed thanks to some great suggestions from the women on my TTC Boards. That way I can sleep through the side effects or at least decrease them. Right now I am also on hydrocodone for my back pain...oh yes, it's back! And my doctor continues to say "you're back will still hurt and will probably hurt worse if you get pregnant." Yes, I understand this. But I would rather be pregnant with back pain than just have back pain. So since we still can't figure out what the problem is...why not keep trying to a baby?! It's what I I'm not sitting around and waiting for you to find out what the problem is!

So I am taking an antibiotic too...big ole horse pills! NOT easy to swallow when you've got a big ole swollen sore throat! I have completely lost my voice. I didn't even go to my internship today! The first day I've missed so far. And technically, you don't need a voice to be able to interpret! lol But I don't want to get the kids sick or anything...and I needed some R&R!

So...DH and I are really ready for this baby. DH did his SA Thursday morning! We still haven't gotten the results back, but something tells me it's just not DH. I mean, how likely is it that there's a problem with both of us? I have PCOS...and that's enough for an IF diagnosis. But still...I do want to know the results so we don't waste too much money on this Clomid or anything else. It cost us $20. Not too bad. I just hope we don't need to keep taking it for the next 5 months too!

Please God let this be it for us. I am so ready to be a mom, I am so ready to my husband a dad. He will be a great dad. We are ready for a family, a car seat, baby blankets, diapers, bibs, sleepless nights, and non stop cleaning. We are ready for that because we are also ready to decorate a nursery, take family photos, and plan showers and birthdays. We are ready to give my nephew and soon to be niece/nephew a baby cousin. We are ready to make my little sister an aunt at 14. We're ready to make my parents grandparents for the first time at 40 and 42. We are ready to "baby proof" our house so little hands and feet can crawl around. We are ready to plan our meals and alone time around nap time. We are ready to jump up at every little peep that comes from the baby monitor for the next year. We are ready to give our baby a bath and a bottle and watch them slowly fall asleep in our bed and then slowly try to lay them down in their crib without waking them. We're ready for the "ooohhhs" and "aaahhhs" from strangers over our beautiful baby. We're ready to give our unconditional love to the most innocent and sweet little baby we've ever seen....our own.

So God...when you're ready to give it, we're ready for our miracle.


Brooke said...

Oh Em I am so hoping that you get your miracle soon. I am ready for mine to. Do you think we could talk God into a two for one deal. I think maybe we could..:)I hope you feel better soon. sounds like you are having a really crappy time.

Liv said...

I'm sorry, your not feeling well. I hate being sick. You are 100% correct on the Clo.mid at night. I started on it yesterday before I went to bed. Guess I was too excited to sleep and at midnight I had this sensation that I was under a ringing bell. Made me go Whoa. :o) Anyway wish you the best!