Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Hubby Lost His Job


Say a little prayer for us :(


foxywaitingroom said...


I'm so sorry things look bleak at the moment. The only thing to do now is be supportive and try to get another job quickly. There are a lot of financial woes out there at the moment but you both have to try and remain positive. I hope he finds something that he likes quickly.

Liv said...

I'm so sorry Emmy! I pray this time of uncertainty is very short for you guys.

Annie said...

I'm really sorry Emmy. If you guys do go forth somehow with treatments and you get pregnant everything will be ok. If the Lord blesses you with a baby he will also give you a way to provide for the baby. People live on very little and they still make it, even with kids! My husband is going to be out of a job right when our baby is due and I'm nervous but I know things will be ok. Just have faith, it will be alright.

restorethmysoul said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby -- these times are so scary right now. Just remember that Lord clothes the lilies of the field and promises to do the same for you. You guys are in my prayers!

Brooke said...

I am so sorry. I will of course pray for you and I hope he will be able to find another one soon.

B MoM said...

Aw emmy, i'm soo sorry. the Lord will provide for his flock, so do not guys will make it. Just keep up the faith. And i think if you did have a baby, you'd probably qualify for some type of medical insurance plan from the state, right?

Jeanne said...


I am so sorry! I know how tough this is!!

My hubby is a contract worker & I'm disabled. He has been laid off several times due to the nature of his work being as a contractor. :(

When he has been laid off, we've had unemployment (when he was eligible) or NOTHING coming in while he looked for a job.

It has been very stressful. We have almost lost our house 3 times now... due to my medical debt/bills. :(

I am not telling you all of this to depress you. Quite the opposite!

This is a story of hope & perseverence! Against all odds, we have found ways to survive the tough times. It's not always easy or fun. Sometimes it is totally overwhelming. But hang in there!!

My husband currently works at a bank. This is not exactly the best place to be working in this economy and the threat of him being laid off always looms over our heads.

My hubby is not employed by the bank. Rather, he has a DBA (his own business) that he is contracted through to the bank. (It is almost impossible where we live to get a direct-hire/employee job in what he does).

My hubby works in IT (with computers) in various capacities. Currently, he is a Network Systems Administrator.

So he oversees about 310 servers. He's oncall 24/7, 365 days a year. He works 14-15 hour days. I worry for his health.

Since we have weathered several layoffs, we are very grateful he has a job now.

Because he is not a direct employee, he has no health benefits. We are paying 100% premium on COBRA for HMO health insurance through his former employer (a contract agency).

I was recently approved for Medicare but all that does is make a big mess between Medicare and the HMO about who will pay what. The number of hours I've spent on the phone about medical bills is terrible.

You can make it through this tough time. You *WILL* make it through this tough time.

Through cutting costs however possible (no dish/cable, no newspapers/magazines, very little eating out, etc.), we spend FAR less money than we used to before his first layoff in 2002.

We were fortunate to have some financial help (loans) from relatives back when we had zero income coming in.

I tried going back to work at multiple jobs but kept landing in the hospital! So it actually cost more for me to work than not! I finally had to accept this fact. It was not easy. :( :(

I have learned the importance of working with my hubby as a TEAM (rather than turning on each other during the tough times).

We have learned how to cut costs.

We have learned that material objects are far less important than we used to think.

We may look like "Scrooges" but we have not sent out Christmas cards in several years now.

We just never know when he may get laid off again and can't spare the money. (Contractors are usually the first to be laid off).

My hubby works harder than anyone I know. He is smart and creative and resourceful.

What he and I have been through is unfair. It is what it is, though.

Between the nature of his work and the economy, we worry about what will happen if he gets laid off anytime soon.

His building just laid off 186 people. Luckily, his job is really important right now and they couldn't spare him.

However, his division is going to be sold off. (You know how banks are doing nowadays). :(

If his division gets sold off, he will almost certainly lose his job.

It's scary and stressful. You will get through it, though!!!

Try your best to remember self-care (relaxation techniques like meditation & deep breathing exercises are free), for example.

Such a stressful time can make you get sicker if you don't work extra hard at self-care.

Hang in there!! I have been down this road about 5 times in the last 7 years. It haunts me.

You do what you have to do.

For example, we don't exchange presents with people (with some rare exceptions). We just can't afford it.

We do what we have to to make sure our mortgage is getting paid, that we have food to eat, and that we can pay for doc co pays and prescriptions.

My husband cuts his own hair. (I am not so skilled). :)

Take care of yourself! If you & your hubby focus on "needs" rather than "wants" and you practice self-care, you'll weather this storm better than if not.

My thoughts are with you!! Hang in there!!! :)