Thursday, January 15, 2009

Come on Eggie!

It is CD 22 and no O yet! Ugh! I'm frustrated! I could have sworn yesterday was the big O, but apparently least according to my temp. So I'm guessing that it's today? So whatever...we'll BD tonight and that means we will have the best BD timing so far...that will be a nice comfort...but it will also show me that BD timing is NOT our problem when I see AF in 2 weeks!

I have my Ob/Gyn appointment tomorrow :) I'm excited! I am going to tell her everything that has happened with DHs job and I will BEG HER to go ahead and give me the meds she thinks I need! And try to fit in as much as we can before the end of February! And the thing is...I don't feel guilty...I don't feel selfish...I just want to know what it feels like to be pregnant. I want to know what it's like to be a parent. And I will! One day...and I don't mind waiting...just cuz I know my time is coming :)

On an even brighter note!!! I am LOVIN MY INTERNSHIP! Seriously! My interpreter mentor is AMAZING! And the 2 kids I work with are AWESOME! I am working with a middle school interpreter and 2 7th graders. One with a whole Deaf family, and one who comes from an all speaking family...and they speak Spanish! He has a cochlear implant...and he is learning sign language and English at the same time! Crazy!!! But man he cracks me up! This is my second first full day...and I was already interpreting! The girl I work with got caught up in some drama, so my interpreter had to go with her to the office and I had to stay with the boy! For math AND social studies! Whew it was crazy! But it was so much fun! :) He even told my interpreter when I came back that I did great :) And then he turned to me and told me I was a "special woman"!!!!!!!!! How sweet! I told him he was a special kid :) Ahhh this is awesome :)

DH has not found a job yet...but honestly, with our savings...we will be ok. I'm not really scared...we have a lot of money coming our way and I feel like we're going to be okay! God's timing worked out that we're getting all this money right when we need it :) He's taking care of us!!! But just because my DH does not have job right now does not mean we are putting our life on hold. I BIL and SIL can just pop 'em out when their finances are WAY worse than ours?! No one is going to make me feel stupid or selfish for wanting my family to grow. Crack addicts and prostitutes can get pregnant...and I'm selfish for still wanting fertility meds after my DH gets laid off? I don't think so! So I don't care what anyone thinks! We're a strong family :) And we'll be fine!

Tomorrow DH and I will be gone for our annual Marriage Retreat with our church in Gatlinburg. We decided to still go, but cut it down to one night instead of 2 to save money. But I don't think God will punish us for wanting to strengthen our marriage :)

So come on eggies!!! Come on down!!! I'm starting to worry that you're too comfy up there! You got plenty of friends waiting on you! haha So come on down and meet one! I'm tired of waiting!

So I will update later on my appointment and O day :) Hopefully we are one step closer to our BABY :) And say a little prayer for us that God will bless my DH with a great new job. I prefer to see this as God sending DH something better...he hated that job and I hated that job...and it was irritating. So even though the comfort of the weekly paycheck is gone, maybe God is just sending him something better :) And I have faith that that is the case! Keep us in your prayers!!!


Brooke said...

I am so glad to see that you arent feeling defeated. And no you arent selfish for continuing your baby quest. I hope you O soon so we can get our BFPs really close together!

foxywaitingroom said...


I am delighted to see that you're managing to remain positive in what must be a scary time. It's a wonderful thing that you're full of faith.

On a more "Insulin Resistant" note, how's the diet coming? You're not snacking on the bad things are you? Have you tried diabetic chocolate for a treat as a substitute for the real thing? Also, have you cut out the caffeine? I've found that caffeine really sets me off... Trying herbal teas instead of diet sodas are good.

Take care and have a great weekend with your hubby.


B MoM said...

great attitude emmy! =) Just today, my Bible teacher said that when things go bad, think positive b/c imagine what God has in store for you next. for instance, you DH lost his job, but you're thinking positive, b/c just imagine the wonderful possibilities this opens him up to........ I need to think like that tooo...hmm, how do you think of wonderful possibilities after you've had two miscarriages and cannot TTC yet??????