Sunday, January 4, 2009

My New Year's Post

So finally I am making my new year's post.

I have been in a TTC funk. Ever since AF played that evil trick on me and stayed away for so long...only to show her evil face on Christmas evening. I was so mad. It just gave me false hope and for a minute or two I actually thought about how to tell the family. That was just stupid of me. Why would I be pregnant?! I'm not getting pregnant...

So here's an update...I have taken a little hiatus from my TTC After BC Board. It was a really hard thing to post...that I was struggling with congrats to new BFPs and watching people TTC for a lot shorter time pass me up. It didn't seem fair. And as my host's pregnancy is winding down (she's due in April) I just couldn't handle the reality that I have been TTC during her whole pregnancy and most likely won't be pregnant by the time she has her beautiful baby boy. I feel like I have become friends with the ladies on that board. Now I also started another board, the TTC 9+months Board....but I don't really feel as close to those ladies as I do on the other board. I have been checking on the TTC After BC Board regularly, just not posting. Which is good for me because I don't feel obligated to post.

The next next ObGyn appointment is Friday morning. The Metformin alone seems to not be working. At least, it didn't last month. I still have this month. I'm about a week or so away from Oing this month. But I missed some doses of my meds while we were on that's not good. But if this month doesn't work I will have another plan in place after my appointment. That makes me happy.

So maybe I'm not going to be the one who gets pregnant just off of meds alone. Oh well. All I have is time. Oh! And by the of my girl friends from high school, who is also named Emily :) and is a year younger than, yup, you guessed it, PREGNANT. She's not married, she's not even dating anyone. Ugh...

All I have is time, right?

Happy New Year! This is the year of MY PREGNANCY. 2009 is MY year.


Brooke said...

Oh I am so sorry Emmy. I can totally identify with having everyone around you getting pregnant. I havent been on the ttc9+ just because it seems to be a much slower board then the tttc ingeneral board. I do have a hard time with the people who have been trying for 2 cycles and are already whining but I have to remember that I was once that person...a very long time ago. I am just at a different and unfortunate part of my journey. UGH. I wish you and I could both have been one of those girls who got the bfp after 2 cycles.boooo. I hope you have some extra good baby dust luck on this cycle!

B MoM said...

funny, 2009 is MY year of pregnancy too! (I'm also hoping childbirth by the end of it too). may the Lord bless us both!

Nikki said...

Oh Emmy that sucks, but look at the progress you've made thus far, your baby is almost here!!!!