Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Only Other Pain I Have...

Besides IF BACK :(

So here is the best way for me to describe it...(the whole story) I was diagnosed with sciatica in April 07. I was put on prescription drugs for a while and then just stopped taking them a little while anywho...

In May 08 I finally wanted to talk about a normal medication or something my doctor could put me on for relief because it was getting a little worse. So the first thing he says is Physical Therapy...I just needed to learn some relief exercises etc. OK no big deal! So I go.....and it HURT! I asked the Physical Therapist how long it would hurt..and she said maybe a day, but I should feel better by the next didn't happen!!!

Next thing I know...a few days later my dog got a hold of something she shouldn't have and I went to bend down to get into her cage to get it from her....and all of a sudden...PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so intense I couldn't move an inch!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't stand up, I couldn't sit down, I couldn't walk...I was stuck! And I was FREAKING OUT! So I called my mom at like 1 am to come and help me...I was crying and screaming in DH even had to come home from work to help me!

So....DH and I go straight to my doctor again the next morning and tell him basically PT=bad idea!!! So he gave me hydrocodone and sent me home. Told me to take a rest from PT until I felt better and try it again. He also sent me for an MRI. I went for my second PT appointment. She immediately says "go home, this should not be hurting like this and we could hurt you worse if we try anything"

The MRI showed NOTHING. No herniated disc, no slipped disc, no bulging disc...NOTHING. The MRI nurse lady I saw was a total B**** and told me to just take 4 ibuprofen 3x a day for 2 weeks and I would feel better. I cried again...I was pissed. The ibuprofen did NOT work either. Keep in mind I also take ibuprofen I KNOW it's not helping! I move's nothing...basically my doctor says it looks like something I'm just going to have to tolerate. I'm ok with happened AGAIN! My back did the EXACT SAME THING around Labor Day one night.....I was sitting at my laptop at my dining room table...just sitting...shifted my seat and BAM ......EXCRUCIATING PAIN!!!!!!! Since I had experienced it before I knew what to do....I hobbled myself to the kitchen, got my oxycodone...and went to bed....I couldn't even get out of bed without help the next day. DH had to even help me go to the bathroom which is like 20 feet away from our bed :(

I didn't go to the doctor that time....I just remembered my doctor saying "your just gonna have to deal with it" so I called into work that day and felt better the next day enough to go to school.

And then (I'm almost finished!) last night...I was bending down to slip my foot into my boot (i was standing up) and BAM. I grabbed a hold of my dresser and door knob and couldn't move. I managed to open the door and yell for DH. First thing he did was give me an oxycodone and he said "thats it...we're going to the ER" I had to be put in a wheel chair. And all they gave me was 2 pain med shots in my butt and some prescriptions that were not even as strong as the ones I already had! It was a TERRIBLE experience!

So...the pain itself is in my lower back. Sometimes it shoots up to my right shoulder blade. Sometimes it shoots through my right leg (but that may just be the sciatica). I cant stand up straight because the pain is so bad. I cant do stairs....I cant stand up straight....the pain is somewhat throbbing, but more just continuous and worse when I move even the slightest.

So there's my story...I have a doctor appointment for tomorrow with my regular doctor again...I'm scared to hear the suggestion to go to a chiropractor just because I cant lie flat on hard surfaces like I had to do at PT. I don't want to re-live PT all over again!