Monday, October 27, 2008

This Painful Process

This process is very painful. Both emotionally/mentally and physically. There is one thing and one thing only that I miss about being on the pill. NO PAINFUL AF! Ugh...AF came yesterday...and TORE UP MY INSIDES. I really thought I was dying. I seriously considered going to the doctor. I think by the end of the day I had taken about 15 Ibuprofen. And 2 Acetaminophen. And 1 hydrocodone. YES, I broke down and took my prescription meds. YES, it was THAT bad.

My back was hurting so stomach was hurting so bad...I was miserable all day. I had NEVER had AF pain that bad before. In a whole year ttc, AF has never hurt like that. of that subject...I went in for my B/W today! They took 6 viles of blood! Whew! Surprising, I was fine. I warned the nurse that every time I have blood drawn they usually have a hard time finding my veins and they poke me a thousand times. So I told her which one always works. And she got it the first time! Hallelujah! That was seriously the first time. So we talked while it was drawing and next thing I knew it was finished. And then I looked over and was like "My goodness!" She laughed and said "I told you I was taking a lot! She's (my obgyn) just covering all her bases!" haha

So needless to say....I cannot wait until Nov 14th. I cannot wait to get some answers. You know, surprisingly I was not upset with AFs arrival. I was practically expecting it and not for a second did I think about a pregnancy. How weird, huh? I guess I'm just coming to the realization that it probably wont happen on our own. And I guess I'm ok with that right now.

DH and I have decided that if the B/W and S/A come back normal we will work on paying off all of our outstanding medical bills before we go any further. We don't have THAT many to pay off...I just don't want to kill us. But soon :) I love saying that. It reminds me of the answer my hubby used to give me before we got engaged. I wanted to get married so bad and every time I would ask him he would say "I dunno." And then ONE TIME he answered "Soon." And we were engaged the next month! haha Oh my...the memories...I guess we're moving on to the next step...soon :)