Tuesday, October 14, 2008

O Day!

I believe my O day has come and gone. I think it was CD 18, Monday. I had a positive OPK at 4 pm on Sunday DH and I BDed Monday morning around 9 am. I think that is really the only BD that will count this cycle :( We als BDed at around 1 am Sunday morning...but that was before my pos OPK, so who knows!!!

It is funny how predictable my cycles are becoming. I have Oed now on CD 21 twice, and CD 18 once. And this cycle I think was CD 18 again. Last cycle was so devastating. FF said I Oed on CD 16 and I believed it. Crazy! I know my body sooo well know! I knew when my temps went back into 96 degree range I had not Oed yet. However, I let my hopes get up. FF had never been wrong hope was there. My "chart stalkers" (Sylance!) on my message board just "knew" this was it...and yet it wasn't :( The second my temps went up again last cycle I knew my O date was wrong. So have decided to pay more attention to my body and my personal feelings before I trust FF completely.

This cycle has been the same...pretty much. I have used the temp corrector a hundred times this cycle! For some reason I have been woken up or had to wake up earlier than usual. So honestly, I can't go by my temps right now...things have just been getting in the way. But because now I feel like I know my body so well...I know I've Oed already...even if FF ends up getting confused. I have had CM like always, I had a pos OPK, I had a temp rise (sorta), and now CM is gone. I Oed on CD 18...I know it.

But this cycle I am bummed. I think because it has been the "same old, same old" type of cycle. I know I won't be pregnant. If this cycle is it, why didn't the others work? They've all been the roughly the same since I started charting. We always had good timed BD...I even stayed still afterwards the majority of the time. So why would this one be any different??

Let's just hope this is it. :(


Bonnie said...
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Heya, thanks for stopping by my old blogo. Bloggin is fun and a great place to vent. :)