Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ob/Gyn :)

So...I LOVED my appointment! I was so afraid that my charts were going to be ignored and my concerns would be dismissed. But not at all! She was wonderful! Basically she walked in and asked a bunch of questions about me. She looked at my charts and said "Oh, yea, you have a great ovulation pattern." That was so good to hear! Then she looked over my results of the trans-vaginal u/s. She didn't seem too concerned about the small fibroid, but she said she would revisit it later if we don't find anything. Then we talked about the blood work that my family care doctor had taken. I didn't have the results with me :( DH and I were trying to remember what he had tested, but we couldn't remember everything. But I did let her know that he told me everything was normal.

So the first thing she wanted to do was to get DH tested. Thanks to my wonderful message boards...I was expecting this! And I had warned DH for a long time that from the first time we talk about IF that a S/A will be one of the first things they would want. So he's just fine with that. Then, also, since she didn't have exact answers on the B/W she wants me to come in for fasting B/W so she can get her own results and test everything that she wants tested.

So, needless to say, I am SUPER EXCITED! We're finally getting some answers!!! DH ended up breaking the news to his mom and brother that we were getting some tests done :( I was a little upset when he said it...but I guess there's not reason in hiding it from them. That's not the side of the family I was worried about! haha

DHs brother gave a few suggestions (of course!) Everyone has to have a say when you first come out about IF. So anywho....he told us that it is better for DH to orgasm first and "deposit" and then for me to orgasm after he has already "deposited" because my cervix will expand and let in more sperm? I dunno... He kept asking us if we tried OPKs (yes) and elevating my hips afterwards (yes) and then orgasm yea. Hey, it won't hurt to try, will it?

So AF is expected tomorrow :( But that's okay because I have our follow up appointment on Nov 14th to look forward to! Im going in for my B/W on Monday morning and DH is waiting to do his S/A until Friday because of his work schedule. DHs hours have changed so now he works M-TH 6:30am to 4:30pm. So we would not be able to get it to the office within 30 min during his work schedule.

Oh boy! We're finally moving forward!

"Keep moving forward" -Meet the Robinsons