Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time For a Change

I have decided to make some changes to my body. For the better of course! I realized today that I have gained about 100 pounds since I met DH when I was 17. Well...basically I want to get down to a reasonable, healthy size. I am 5'10". My close friends that actually do know how much I weigh are surprised when they hear the number. "I never would have thought!" or "You sure don't look like it!" My simple response is "It's 'cause I'm tall." And yeah, it is. I am able to carry weight better because of my height. However, the down side is I really tend to carry my weight all in my stomach. Not in my butt, my thighs, hips...nope! Not me! Even being big I don't get blessed with the "right" curves! haha. But when I started thinking about this...I realized. Huh, this may be affecting my fertility. I didn't really think about it because overweight women get pregnant all the time. But...I don't carry my weight all over. I carry it right in the middle. I have skinny legs, my arms aren't that's all in my stomach! So I guess my goal just work it off. I'm not gonna stress about it. I'm just going to make an extra effort to walk at my local park with my friend every chance I get. Since I recently went down to "sub" status at my work, I'm pretty much off work until I get called in. So I am taking this time to improve my fitness...a little bit at a time. Total...I think I have to lose about 87 pounds to get down to a healthy weight for my height. But I have a really cranky there's no telling how accurate it is. I think I will base most of my success by my new found energy rather than the number on the scale.