Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Miss My Husband!

I am so thankful that my husband is back to work. Thank God that we no longer need to worry about our finances! And by the end of this week I believe we will be caught up on every bill. Thank the Lord.

But on another note...I miss my hubby!!! Joel has worked nights from the second we got engaged, so it's nothing new. But he had 6 weeks of being home all the time and sleeping with me, and being home when I got home, and spending quality time with me in the evening...and now I'm sitting here by myself! And I'm sleeping by myself! And I miss him!

Since he went back to work, things went completely opposite of what they were. He went from having no job to working tons and tons of overtime. And by tons and tons I'm talking he worked 40 hours plus 4 hours overtime and then 24 hours overtime that weekend. That totals to 68 hours last week. And this week is worse. He worked only 8 hours Sunday night, but Monday, Tuesday, and tonight he's gone in 4 hours early. Which means 12 hour nights. And he's pretty sure that tomorrow he's gonna have to work 12 hours and he will most likely work the weekend.

WOW. So needless to say...I went from having home ALL THE TIME to NEVER AT ALL! :(

I miss him lots and lots.

So in other news....I had my first observation today for my internship! It went great! She asked me to interpret only 30 min of the class so the last 30 min we could talk about it. So I interpreted science class. All about the parts of a flower! It went pretty good if I do say so myself! All day my mentor interpreter told me to make sure to remember to take off my watch and my ring before signing. Well...all day I kept thinking about it but thought "I'm not gonna take it off yet..." And then what do you know...I forgot! So I signed the whole thing with my watch on. LOL But my teacher didn't say I'm not too worried about taking it off anymore.

She said my fingerspelling was very clear and that seemed very comfortable with the situation and stuff. She said I did good with my classifiers for the "venus fly trap" and set up the flower really well. She corrected my sign for leaf (I was signing something close to flag) and my sign for alcohol (I was signing something close to cigarette). I know you're probably wondering "Why would she be talking about alcohol in a 7th grade science class lesson on plants?" Good question....the teacher used the analogy that the stem is similar to the umbilical cord for babies because it sends nutrients through the plant. Then for some reason a student asked about fetal alcohol syndrome...WOW. And that is how this class is...very unruly and the kids speak out a lot. This can be really difficult because all this time your Deaf students are trying to pay attention and then you have to sign something stupid that some other student is saying. Then I have to back track back to the's just confusing! lol So anywho...all in all...I passed! And I feel very good about where I am right now. It's only midterm, so I think I'm ahead of the game! woohoo!

On the TTC front...nothing to report. I have to's actually been nice to NOT take my temp! We're doing a way more "laid back" approach. I think we will keep the RE appointment at the end of the month. But as far as Joel's u/s and vitamins....well, we'll get to it when we get to it. With his work schedule now, it will be hard to get the u/s done. And really getting the vitamins is just a matter of me remembering exactly what I need to get next time I go to the store. I also have to make sure that we have enough extra money to get it. So hopefully I'll get it soon. I think we'll have a more "get and go" attitude about all this TTC stuff when I graduate...which is in TWO MONTHS! :)


Brooke said...

I am so glad that your dh has a job! Praise the Lord!! I just cant imagine how stressed out you must have been ttc aside. I pray that things continue to go well with his job but that he is able to find some kind of work life balance. My dh worked nights for the first 6 months we were married and then took a break and had to go back to nights for almost two years. IT SUCKED. I hated going to bed alone and I hated him have to sleep during the day and being cranky when I wanted to hang out. I am so glad he is on days now its such a blessing. Thats so great that you guys are almost caught up on your bills.

We have a urologist appt on the 8th of april. I havent actually said urologist on my blog just because one of my Moms friends has been reading my blog since she found it through my Moms blog. I just dont need people who actually know dh knowing about his swimmer issues. I think its hard on him enough. I hope and pray that we dont have to keep the appointment but I am counting on it. Its best not to get my hopes up. I am just so glad to read some good news on your blog.