Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting My Mind Off Of Things

This break so far has been the best thing for me. I have finally opened up (slowly) to my mom about all of this. The two of us have had some crazy bad times and ups and downs in our relationship. She was a really young mom (18) and then made some so-so decisions that affected me greatly growing up. But since I've moved out, gone to college, gotten married...we've become better friends. She may not be the best mom, but she definitely is a great friend.

So Thursday, since my sister, me, and my mom are all on Spring Break (we're all in the school system!) we went out to lunch. We talked about EVERYTHING. Now granted, my sister knows everything about us TTC. She knows we've been off the pill for like a year and a half. My mom knows we've been "technically" TTC since I was diagnosed with PCOS in November. But regardless...I have told my mom about all of our appointments and have her firmly convinced that we're doing the right thing. She knows I'm not on the pill...and she knows nothing's happenin'. So it is so nice to discuss with her all of our Joel's SA results and his appointment and how they wont do any more treatments with me until he gets "fixed." It was nice to have someone agree with me when I said "I understand why they don't want to do the Clomid. But there are so many more tests like seeing if my tubes are blocked, checking for endometriosis, etc that they could be doing on me right now." In fact, I believe that this will be the exact conversation I will be having with the RE next week.

THAT'S RIGHT! Our RE appointment is NEXT WEEK! Well...not's NEXT Monday...not 2 days from now...but still. I'm excited! I am seriously going to say "Since we're on a break because of Joel's diagnosis right now...can we go ahead and do all the 'normal' tests on me now? And get them out of the way?" Because all we know right now is that I have PCOS. Who's to say I don't have endo? Or something wrong with my uterus? Or a blocked tube? Or something else? If I get all these things checked now....that saves us time by the time we're ready to start TTC actively again.

In other mom and I are having a yard sale tomorrow :) I'm getting rid of so many clothes it's not even funny. And junk. Oh man...even if I only make $20 bucks off this whole thing...I could care less. Now that I have all the "give away" and "keep" stuff organized....I can just get rid of it. My house looks like a train wreck right now. It looks like I've only made things worse. But I really have got a lot done.

Oh, something else. I finally got a call from my doctor's office about that referral to the pain specialist! Yeah...that was back in...November?! I seriously thought it had just gotten lost in the paper work. And guess when my appointment is?! JUNE 23!!!!! This guy must be good...especially if it takes 7 months just to get an initial appointment! The nurse said something about how he can't prescribe me meds, but he wants to do physical therapy. EEEEEEKKKK!!! Physical therapy for sciatica is what started this WHOLE MESS! I'm scared to death about going into physical therapy again. It has been months now since I've had what I can an "attack" with my back. And all I've had to save me was my oxy's. And my hydro's. LOL This should be interesting...

So I just wanted to give an update about how my break is going...and's FABULOUS! I have no idea if I Oed or not...I had like 10 days of fertile CM and we BDed about 3 times in But I officially have no more fertile CM so I'm guessing I'm about 9-10 days away from AF. Today is CD 22.


Brooke said...

So I am so glad that your break is going well. I have been learning allot about pcos from my friend who has it and tried for two years to get pg. She finally did her second round of clomid and is now ttc her third...yep she had twins. She has been frustrated bc she to has had 10 days of fertile cm and +after+ opk. Her doc says he wants her to ttc for at least 6 months on her own before they prescribe clomid again.
I am glad that you have talked things over with your mom and sister and they support you. I wish I could talk to my family about dhs SA results but he has asked me not to talk about it and I am trying to respect his request.
So excited to hear about your RE appointment. April 8th seems like months away for dhs urology appt. I hope your "break" continues to bring you lots of rest and relaxation. And hopefully some bding without worrying about ttc!

B MoM said...

Ok, I seriously should go on a "break". (Even though I was on one). All this 2ww crap is driving me crazy! I love your carefree attitude about how many DPO you are......I want to be more like that!