Monday, March 16, 2009


So today is my first day of Spring Break! I don't think I have ever deserved a break more than I do now! I have been working my butt off at my internship and going to school...I am TIRED! I woke up at 10 am today! woohoo! haha

So on another not so fun note, I am still fertile?! Um yea...I'm going on 10 days of fertile CM. Now I know DH and I are on a we are BDing only when we really want to. It's not a big deal. It's just irritating because I figured I would just go back to the same old, same old cycle. Not temping has been really really awesome. Seriously. To any of you out there who feel like you're getting nowhere with charting...stop. It has seriously helped my obsessive nature. I don't spend hours and hours staring at my chart in hopes that I'm sensing a pregnancy in there somewhere. I charted for 8 long months. Now I'm not saying it was all in vain. I took them all to my ObGyn and she knew I was serious. It helped me learn how long my cycles were, when I was usually fertile, and when to take my meds. But now...there's no need for it. I know all that now...and there's really no benefit I can get from charting anymore. Especially since we're on a break :) It's been really fabulous so far. And the funniest part is...since I'm not obsessing, I'm not saying ANYTHING to DH that is IF related at all! And I'm sure he loves it! We have kinda gotten back to that feeling of just enjoying being together. So if we BD, then we BD. If we dont, then we dont. I know secretly that since Im still paying attention to my CM that I want to BD or whatever...but I seriously just go with the flow. If he's not in the mood, or I'm not in the mood...then we just enjoy cuddling. And it's fantastic.

So basically...I am waiting it out until May to really do anything. DH and I have our first RE appointment at the end of this month. Oh yea we're still going. DH's next urologist appointment is not until May 15th or it's pretty much perfect timing. I'm sure that the first RE appointment will consist of going over my charts, my PCOS diagnosis, DH's SA, and my Clomid cycle. Then we will get a plan in place. We will have one and 1/2 cycles in between the RE appointment and the urologist appointment. So we will probably take those 2 cycles off and start first thing with our June cycle with the new plan with the RE. I feel really good about this.

In other news...I bought my cap and gown! It's really getting real now! Oh man I am so excited I can't stand it! I graduate on Wednesday, May 6th, at 3:30pm. It's like the weirdest day, I know, and the weirdest time...but still. I'm graduating! And it's been long I'm excited!

Wish me luck that I get a "surprise, I was on a break!" BFP :) hahaha


Brooke said...

I am so happy for you that you are graduating. How exciting. I am glad that you are finding some peace while not temping. I have found that its best for me to only temp the week that I am supposed to ovulate that way I know when we can stop bding. Of course this cycle I had absolutely no ewcm so we werent doing it every other day like we should have. And I hadnt gotten a pos opk. I am so annoyed about that but we did bd the night before I Od so I hope there is one strong swimmer in that batch of lazys that can get to the egg. I just keep visualizing this one super sperm that pushes past all the slow ones to get to that egg!! Whoohoo. Positive visualization. Its something I havent tired. Lol.

You will be going to the RE about the same time we go to the urologist. I just cant wait. I have so much riding on this appt. I really hope yours gos well also.