Friday, September 18, 2009

So Tired!

Well, I missed my dr appointment this morning. Actually, DH and I had a "morning in." LOL! We were both SO tired! I just called to reschedule. I just couldnt and wait...for only 10 minutes with the dr. Ugh. So I will go next week.

I have been working A TON of hours. Now, to most people my "ton" is not nearly a lot. I work 4 hours a day. 20 a week. Not much. But ohhhhh....its enough for me!

I have to have 2o hours of training a year. These training hours are coming due at the end of October. I work for a DHS approved child care center. So these are pretty important. I had only worked since May though...I had to take off from Jan to May for my internship with school. I worked all summer at a different center, our center was closed for the summer because we didnt have enough students. So needless to say...I have no gotten ANY hours. So all of a sudden I have a new boss (a previous coworker) and she informs me that I have 2 months to get all 20 hours of training. It has been incredibly stressful. She has been in the same job position as me (co workers), an assistant director at a different site, and now she is the director at our site. I like her. Dont get me wrong. But she has come in and tried to get everything PERFECT, where as my previous boss let A LOT of things slip.

In fact, there are plenty of things we have been doing now that I didnt even have CLUE we were supposed to be doing! So I have actually somewhat enjoyed knowing that we are actually doing what we are supposed to! But that in turn has caused a lot of stress...and I think she has taken it a little too far at times. She told me I needed to get those training hours...of course I have no problem doing this! Duh! If someone had told me sooner I would have had no problem doing them! She proceeds to tell me that if I dont get all my hours...I will not be able to work. That is NOT fair. I am going to EVERY SINGLE TRAINING that is offered in my area. It is NOT my fault that my previous boss NEVER brought up this I had no idea it even was a problem. (And FYI I have worked here since May 08 and last year I went to ONE training for 6 hours and did NOT lose my job) So I have for the past few weeks been going to extra hours of training. That's, we have our assessment coming up on Monday (yikes!) and I went in 4 hours early yesterday to get prepared. I worked 8 straight hours. Now granted, my job is NOT hard, but by the time I came home my back was hurting so bad that I was doing the "granny shuffle" to my kitchen. I couldnt even walk.

That's another thing...this new boss has no problem telling me she thinks I'm incompetent. She is constantly complaining because I'm always sitting...or not doing something else she thinks needs to be done. In fact, today, I was setting up my learning centers (areas for the kids to play) and my co worker, our only other employee at our site) did not have his centers finished. Mine were done, so I went ahead and kept setting up a few of his. I set up 2 of his 5. I also set up 5 of my own. I felt I was finished and it was not my responsibility to continue setting I sat down and starting going through my paper work. My boss then preceeds to say "Emily, can you go to the stage (our storage area) and get the 2 folding chairs and put one in reading and resting and one in L.I.T?" I said "Uh, I guess...but my centers are finished. Those are Jonathan's." Now, keep in mind, me and my coworkers are friends. We all get along. Jonathan says he'll go get them and my boss does this little "huff." Well, I dont care. Not my center, not my responsibility. Plus, the fact that I help Jonathan lift our cart FULL of games everyday onto and off of the stage when I should NOT be lifting and bending...and she doesnt offer to do that. I could care less.

Well, at our staff meeting she gives us an agenda of things going on. Things to improve on, things we're doing well, etc etc. One bullet on the agenda was that we NEED to set up learning centers faster. I said "Laurel, I'm getting mine done. I dont mind to help, but we split them evenly. And mine are always done and always have what they need." Her response? "I know. It's just that when you see something that needs to be would be nice if you would do it. Plus one of us has to be in here with Kindergarten at all times." I'm thinking...yea! I know that! Oh...and btw...she gives herself NOTHING to set up :) In fact, we sat down and split the centers evenly for a reason. Jonathan got the heavier centers and I got the game boards, table games and things like that. So really...even if I see something that needs to be done..I'm not about to do it if it requires me to bend over or carry something heavy.

Basically what I'm getting at is that Laurel just doesnt understand that there are things I just cant do or am not willing to do. I HATE lifting all that at the beginning and ending of the day. It takes us like 2 sec! I wish she would just do it and let me sit with the kids. But she doesnt get that it is too much. She comments ALL THE TIME about how I am constantly sitting...she just has NO IDEA how uncomfortable I am and how I am truly in PAIN sometimes! In fact, she has even said "Emily, there are nurses out there that are pregnant that are on their feet 12 hours a can stand up." My response? "Yes, I'm sure there are...and I'm sure they're wishing they could sit down!" Sheesh...what I cant wait for is for the day I have to quit because its too much. I told her I am planning on leaving over Thanksgiving break. Basically, we go on break and I just dont come back. But that is a week before my due it is very possible that I will have to leave sooner. Who knows.

So moving on from yet ANOTHER stressor in my life...LOL. My son is quite the mover and shaker! I have finally been feeling him move since around 25 weeks. MUCH later than I wanted, but with the anterior placenta and the fact that was overweight to begin with....I was not surprised. But since then I have felt him on a regular basis! He moves most at night when I first lay he's trying to get comfy! He moves a lot in the evening when I am in my recliner. I feel him periodically throughout the day...and I LOVE IT. I just love, love, love it. I am guessing that he is about 4 to 4 1/2 pounds now. He was already 2 pounds when I was 24 weeks 5 days. And then he starts gaining like crazy around 28 weeks...something like 1 pound every 16 days or I'm just guessing. I'll ask when I go back to the dr.

My heartburn has become soooo bad that over the counter things are just not helping. I'm going to ask about a perscription. I also still have that INCREDIBLE pain my right side on my back where my kidney is. I am going to ask about hydronephrosis or what it may be caused by. Other than that, everything is going quite smoothly.

I guess considering how everything BUT my pregnancy is completely out of control and stressful...I have to count it as a HUGE blessing :)


B MoM said...

ugh, that sucks about your boss. She obviously was never pregnant before was she? I cannot imagine having to be on my feet all the time. It's horrible to stand just for a little while. I definitely feel your pain (thankfully, only figuratively).

Nikki said...

sounds like you're on the road to a nine pounder I'm glad to see you're doing well!!