Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Lot Going On!

So I had my appointment Friday...all is well! I have now started my every 2 week appointments! I was VERY surprised by this! It was a VERY quick appointment to check on the little guy...and then off we went! I believe this is what they will be like from now on...

We have our Super Saturday child birth class and hospital tour on the 19th! I'm VERY excited about this! DH and I have actually not really been around the hospital except for my Ob's that part alone will be helpful. It's free for us on Medicaid too! :) Yay!

Yesterday was UTs first game of the season! We beat Western Kentucky 63 to 7! It was coach Kiffin's first game, and he proved himself worthy! We'll have to see if we keep it up. I was NOT feeling well yesterday and we ran all over the place! I told DH "I remember a time where I was the one always wanting to go somewhere and now I dont want to and youre dragging me all over the place!" We went to his cousin's house to watch the game...then came home and rested for about 2 or 3 hours...then out again to DHs best friends house 30 minutes away just to hang out. We watched a movie and ate dinner. That whole stinkin day my back was KILLING me!

Let me tell you about this back's on my right side...where my kidney is. It's not like excrutiating pain, but it got really annoying and worse. I had DH rubbing my back for what seems like all day. I couldnt stretch it out, I couldnt rub it out...I couldnt get rid of it! It even got so bad that I called the nurse line for my Ob. I was able to talk to a dr that explained it didnt sound like a kidney stone because I am not having any urinary more sounded like the uterus was pressing on my kidney and a nerve and that I would probably get relief by laying on the other side. If it got worse, or progressed until Tuesday...I should come in. It still hurts, but it is very a 2 or 3 on the pain scale, give or take. Regardless...this is one lady that just wants to stay home for crying out loud!

In fact, just now DH came to me and told my BIL wants us to come out for lunch! I'm like 'NO! I was running around ALL DAY yesterday and I just want to stay HOME!" Sheesh! What bugs me the most is that WE always have to GO one can come to US! Although that would stress me out on a whole new level because I dont want anyone in my house! lol

On the house front/job front with news. We are REALLY upset that we sacrificed all this time for DH to get this "great job" at the end and we have seen NOTHING. This coming week will start week 2 after completing training. DH has interviews set up with jobs that have NOTHING to do with this training. We are both very very mad. We are also having to make plans for losing our house. If DH gets a job it would have to pay at LEAST what he was making before for us to be able to stay here. He is NOT going to find something like that. So our plan is to have him get a job making about 5 to 7 dollars less an hour and we will move. We will try to sell this house, but if it doesnt sell we will go into foreclosure. We will be moving into a rental house that his parents own. We will be paying them HALF of what we pay for this house. If we cannot sell this house, we will have to be out by Nov 25th. MIL would also have to give her now tenants a 30 day notice. We have given her until Friday to make up her mind. If she decides to give them their 30 day notice, then we are moving. So that would put it at Oct. 11th that we could start moving into the other house. It is much smaller...2 bedroom 1 bath...our house now is 3 bedroom, 3 bath. It is only 2 blocks away from my mom...MUCH closer to my family than DHs family. But right now we're not really close to either one of our families. I cannot wait to have a definite answer from MIL so I can start planning.

Needless to say, I have been WAY STRESSED OUT with all the troubles we have been having. I have had what I call "stress stomach" which is a stomach ache I get when I get stressed. I really do not want to cause contractions or pregnancy problems because I am so stressed. I am really TRYING to take it easy...but I am so stressed that just thinking of all the possibilities I could just break out in tears in seconds. The good news is if DH gets an ok paying job we can easily move to this rental house and get back on our feet. The bad news is we will lose this house...and we will most likely have a foreclosure on our credit. But oh do what you have to do! My only problem right now is that it is out of my control...and I HATE that! I hate the unknown! And even after Friday if MIL does give her tenants a 30 day notice...I still have a MONTH before I can move ANYTHING over there! That puts me at Oct 11th at the earliest! I am just ready to cut my loses and move on! I will bawl my eyes out losing this house because it was our FIRST house and we worked HARD to keep it. It was where we planned on build a family...and grow into it. With the other will not be where we stay. It gives us absolutely NO room to grow. But it's what we need right now. It will give me LESS of house to take care of and LESS stress about finances. We will be able to keep EVERYTHING else, just not our house. And that's ok with me. There are things about this house I don't like's by no means perfect. So in 3-7 years when we have a down payment and are ready to try the whole "buying a house" thing again...we'll be ready. It will be a re-building opportunity.

If you have any prayers to spare...PLEASE PLEASE keep me and my family in your prayers. I need to calm down stress wise or I am going to be suffering the consequences. I NEED some good news so I can plan and start getting situated. Please pray that we are able to get that house.

Do I have anything else to share? Hmm...I dunno! I was 27 weeks on Friday...and baby boy is measuring ahead still. Although they didnt give me an estimate on his size?? I kinda wanted to know! lol I will be over 32 weeks pregnant by the time we start moving in to that rental house. OMG it's going to be a feat! But we will have LOTS of I'm not worried. I just want to get in there and start turning it into a HOME before our son joins us. I want it to feel complete when we bring him home.

Gee...can you tell whats on my mind?! LOL! I will update you guys when I get the news on that house. That will relieve a TON of stress!

Oh...I almost forgot! 27 week belly pic!


Brooke said...

Just so you know I DID have kidney stones and I didnt have any urinary symptoms. I didnt even have a spec of blood or anything when they did my labs. But sure enough when they strained my urine in the hospital (eew) I did have stones. Sometimes they wont even show up on the ultrasound. If your symptoms persist I would look into the whole kidney thing.

Tori said...

I had kidney stones w/o urinary symptoms when I was pregnant too. The way I found out is that it caused contractions and back pain. Not fun! My nurse said the stone can be the size of a grain of sand and still cause issues, and apparently being pregnant does make you more likely to get them.

I will definitely pray for your housing situation and for DH's job. :)

Looking good Momma!

B MoM said...

speak to that mountain - God works miracles. Pray that your DH gets a job, a higher paying job and you are able to keep that house.

Jenn said...

Congrats on your pregnancy...I'm sorry about all the stress. It will all work out.

Jenn @