Friday, September 25, 2009

Catching Up

Well...seems I have a lot to catch up on here! It feels like I NEVER have the time to update!

So where to start? Let's start at my appointment on Wednesday....

I was sooooo irritated with this appointment. My app was at 10:30am. DH and I got there at 10:20am. We watched every person that was there before go back. Then we watched everyone that came in AFTER us go back. It was 11:05am before we got called back. My drs office moved floors and so they have been in a big adjustment. But come on! The lady did my weight...thats a whole 'nother problem...and sent my DH to another waiting room while I peed in a cup. Then she took me back to the room at took my blood pressure, which was usual. Without DH. After doing all this, then she goes to get him. Then we wait. Not too long...but a good 10 minutes. I was meeting the other midwife with my practice for the first time. I did NOT like her at ALL! This was my by play...

Midwife: Hello!

Me: Hi!

Midwife: I'm Sharon, nice to meet you!

Me: Nice to finally meet you too!

Midwife: I see you've already had your Rhogam shot...why so early?

Me: I came in for another U/S for pictures of his heart and I guess they just thought lets go ahead and get it over with!

Midwife: Ok great! (Feels my tummy, starts the doppler...)


Midwife: Ok heartrate is in the 140s and we like it between 120 and thats good. Ok, see you in 2 weeks!

Me: Um, actually I am really concerned about the sudden swelling I have had in my hands and face and feet and my rapid weight gain all of a sudden.

Midwife: (Looking at my chart, not my feet, hands, or face) Well, you've gained a total of 36 pounds so far, so youre pushing it. We dont really like to see it over 40. When its over 40 there is an increased risk for (x,y,z...blah blah blah.) Plus there was no protein in your urine and your blood pressure is it's most likely nothing.

Me: Well, actually my starting weight on this chart is NOT where I normally am. It's almost 10 pounds under where I am normally.

Midwife: Ok, well, around 26 pounds then you just want to be careful. Are you drinking a lot of juice or soda?

Me: I drink apple juice a lot. No soda.

Midwife: Ok, well cut out the juice completely because its empty calories and walk 3 times a week.

Me: Well, my concern is that NOTHING has changed in my diet and job is very active working with kids, I dont just sit there and get fat. My weight gain has been good so far with just 2-4 pounds a month and then all of a sudden 6 pounds at each of my last 2 appointments!

Midwife: Just cut out the juice and make sure youre exercising. See you in 2 weeks!

Me: Um, is it ok if I try to get back on Friday appointments? Would you prefer that I do one week 1/2 appointment or let the next one go 2 1/2 weeks?

Midwife: 2 1/2 weeks should be fine, just call if you have more than 4 contractions in an hour. You're not having bad contractions are you?

Me: Um, no, I dont think so.

Midwife: Ok, then 2 1/2 weeks it is!

(and out she goes)

I was FREAKING PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told DH if she was looking at my chart she would SEE that I have PCOS and that works against me weight wise...should I go back on Metformin? My favorite nurse midwife told me it didnt matter if I did or not, so I'm thinking if I have another grand weight gain at my next appointment, I'm going to go back on it. But seriously, stop drinking juice and exercise?!?! Come on! Oh, I forgot to mention that during the doppler I asked her how big he was and she said there was too much fluid to tell and it was too early. Um, 29 1/2 weeks is too early to give me an estimate?! She said normally at 29 weeks they are about 3 pounds. I said he was already 2 pounds at my U/S at 24 1/2 weeks. (Do the math...that was 5 weeks ago) And she says "Then he's probably about 3 or 4 pounds now.

Ok...moving on. My next appointment is now Oct 9th at 32 weeks. I am 30 weeks today. My aunt and I had lunch together the other day to make baby shower plans! It will be at her church's basement (same as my bridal shower) on Oct. 11th. We are also making it a family its co-ed. That means DH will be there and my 2 best friends can come...and basically a bunch of guys can come too! I'm really excited! As many people as we are inviting (Im only having this ONE we're trying to get EVERYONE in) it is going to be a blast! I just desperately need to update our registry! We only have like 5 things on it! I got soooo worn out when we tried to do it in the I'm just gonna try to do it online. I can't wait!

Housing situation update...we are now going to try to talk to the mortgage company and see if they will work with us. With DH and I both working the jobs we are now we can make payments. The only downside is I will NOT be working needless to say we are still looking at rental houses and are actually going to see 2 more this weekend. After all this drama I finally talked to MIL for the first time in like a month. I have been so resentful of her for not giving us the rental house. But she called and left a message for me to tell DH something, so I called her to let her know that I would tell him and then she just wanted an update on the little one.

Work has finally settled down. My boss is not nearly being as big a b*tch as she was before because I am looking more and more pregnant. Plus, all the little kids can feel Eli move on the outside, so of course she had to feel too...there is something so awkward about so many people touching your belly at once...but it was funny. I am just hoping and praying that I can really make it to Thanksgiving break. We REALLY need the money. Unless I am put on strict bedrest for some reason...or actually HAVE THE KID before then...then I am working right up until my EDD. Ugh...even though I want to quit NOW. lol

I am quite exhausted. My feet hurt and my hands hurt from swelling so badly. My heartburn is so bad I have it almost 24/7. I am taking Zantac 150...not 75. I was just taking ONE at night to get me through the night and then using milk to make is subside during the day. But today when I woke up it was SO BAD I took a pill AND threw up. And drank a ton of milk through the day at work. Those little 4 oz milks from school cafeterias are amazing! :)

So not much more to report here except that DH and I are just doing sooo much better stress wise...not that anything has changed to make the stress go away...just that we're learning to deal with it better. I just want some answers. So please continue to pray for us...and BMoM, thanks for all the links! I studied them intently! That is, in fact, how we have come to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe, we can keep the house!

Now I will leave you with my 29 week belly pic. I havent taken my 30 week one yet today...that will come next time!


Brooke said...

Sorry your doctors appt was so crappy! I hate it when doctors rush through things that you are concerned about and pretend you are worrying about nothing. I wish they would at least humor you for heaven sake you are paying them! I hope you are able to work up till Eli is born. I am going to try as well.

B MoM said...

ugh about the doctor/midwife. I would call back if you're really concerned about the weight gain and swelling. I think you know your body best and if you think something is wrong/up, you should insist on a more thorough exam. I think the pregnancy books and websites all say that rapid swelling/weight gain could be a concern. (I bet it's not though since you're blood pressure is fine and there's no protein in your urine. But I'd have 2nd opinion from a different nurse/midwife/doctor, just in case).
No problem on the links. We're going through the same thing with out house's very stressful, but there are a lot of resources out there. We're going to try to renegotiate our loan with our lender too. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to approach them. ON my own, or through one of the companies (which will cost money which we dont have) or through a HUD agency. Keep us posted on how your situation with your lender goes.

Tori said...

Looking good Emmy! I know how you feel about that midwife dismissing your swelling. I went through the same thing towards the end of my pregnancy. My BP was fine, but I was so swollen my skin was starting to literally tear. Finally, my BP jumped right at the end and she agreed to check me for toxemia and sure enough! It was mild, but still. I felt like screaming "well, DUH!" at her. It's so annoying when doctors think that just because they have the fancy medical degree that everyone else is a moron and knows nothing about their own health. Hang in there, drink as much water as you can (it helps you pee out the bad fluid), and when you're at home try to lay on your left side. That's finally what she had me do, albeit it was on strict bedrest so I didn't explode. Good luck!

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