Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week 9 of Pregnancy...

Whew! 9 weeks already...and look at that belly! This is actually at 9 weeks 2 days...I looked down at my belly this morning at church and realized how far it was sticking when I got home I HAD to take a picture! Some people are telling me I don't look different at all...but even today my DH noticed!

So I'm thinking one major reason for this is that I am constipated. I thought this (and peeing frequently) were all symptoms of later pregnancy...but apparently not. As far as actual symptoms go...last week was the worse...this week, so far so good. I have been eating and eating and eating! Thank the Lord! This weekend my little sister came to stay with us and my husband always cooks a BIG breakfast when she comes because he knows how much she loves his breakfast! I was so excited for this breakfast...and I ate a big plate full and felt fine! It was fantastic! Then later on we went out with my family to eat spaghetti and I ate 1/2 my plate and again...I felt fine! Woohoo!

One symptom that is getting old quick is this heartburn! Now I'm a big girl, so I've had my fair share of heartburn...but this is ridiculous! I'm talking...I'm taking 4 TUMS sometimes and it's still not helping! Sheesh!

But all in all I am LOVING this experience of just going through life everyday being pregnant. This baby is just such a blessing I can't even describe it. My family (especially my Aunt) is being SO supportive and it is just awesome. I'm not sure if I mentioned this...but my Aunt went ahead and bought us our first baby car seat/carrier! I about cried! And then last night she gave me the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting." She is so exciting for us.

So less than 3 more weeks until our next U/S appointment! It doesn't seem nearly as far away as it did before our emergency U/S. I am so glad we had that done. It was amazing to have the reassurance that our bean is doing well :)

Well..tomorrow is my last final (EVER!) and I start back to my after school job. Only 2-6 for now, but hey, it's money! And I graduate on Wednesday! So excited! :)


Brooke said...

I am so excited for your us I really hope you will post some pics. Glad to hear that you are getting past the yucky stage. Being able to eat is a bit important ;) I gotta say I have my days when it is actually a bit more real then others. The days when I am sick are real lol. ttyl