Friday, May 22, 2009

Week 11 of Pregnancy

I think it is time for some fantastic news. Lucky for you...this blog is full of great news! Nothing sad or depressing in this blog! I have waited a long to post because I finally had time to get all my pictures on my I can add lots! :)

First round of good news...about that ONE class I need for my diploma. I found out that I can take an equivalent ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! That means I can register at anytime and all I need to do is tell the graduation office which semester I plan to finish. All I have to do now is gather up the $567 to get the class...and then I have all pregnancy to finish it...that's right, in my OWN time! FABULOUS! :)

Next husband GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He starts Tuesday!!! It is another manufacturing job, which I think makes him happy because he KNOWS he is good at it! It pays considerably less than his old job, BUT with me paycheck will EASILY make up the difference! :) HOORAY!

Hmm...anymore good stuff?? Oh I am officially 12 WEEKS!!! Ahhh....this trimester has just gone by SO FAST! Maybe because I only knew I was pregnant from 5 weeks on...but still. There has already been SO MUCH change going on in my body and with's just PHENOMENAL. Thank God for this baby! :)

Now for the nitty gritty about this week...way more pregnancy related!!! So week 11 started off just fine. I was hoping that my sickness would subside. Not that it's been unbearable, but still...throwing up, even if it is once a week, still sucks. But I was not so lucky. Monday night had the worst bout of sickness I have had the entire pregnancy. Now here comes the TMI...DH and I had JUST FINISHED having sex. And I mean literally, he had JUST rolled off of me and laid down next to me. I coughed and threw up in my mouth! I hung over the bed to the trash can to spit it out....and lo and behold...there I go! It was pitch black in our room...and my hair was down!!! And those of you who have seen my pictures know my hair is by no means short. Well as soon as I started losing my dinner DH rolled over as fast as he could and grabbed my hair. He said "I'm gonna turn on the light, baby" and when he did, I saw a big strand of my hair dangling in the trash can. LOL DH then came rushing back over to me and held back my hair for me. I proceeded to puke for like 15 minutes! By far the WORST bout of sickness I have had. DH was SO great though....LOVE HIM!

The next morning I woke up to pee and I looked in the mirror and BAM! My eyes looked horrible!!! What the heck is all over my eyes?!?!?! I had tiny red spots all over my eyelids and under my eyes. It looked like I had rubbed red eyeshadow all over them! Come to find out...I had strained my face soooo bad from throwing the night before. And they have finally faded...and that was 4 days ago!!!

Anymore stories?? Hmmm...oh yea! I signed up for WIC and ended up spending 4 HOURS in that office...only to have a 15 minute appointment! I was there from 11am to 3pm...for an 11:15 appointment!!! I did not get called back to 1pm!!! Then I was sent into ANOTHER waiting room until 2:15! OMG It was awful. And I didnt eat before I literally fasted all day and didnt eat a single bite of food until 4pm. NEVER doing that again!!! But it's all worth it because we will get free, healthy food :)

Now for the long awaited story about my appointment today!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Let me start off my saying the U/S must only get better from here! The previous 2 I have had..the baby has been a blob. Today, it was a BABY!!! Baby boo was squirming around on his belly, then his side, then his back, then his other side. We got some FABULOUS photos! The nurse kept calling him wiggle worm because he wouldn't sit still long enough for her to do the nuchal transluceny test. Which came out fine, btw! :) And even better news....he is no longer measuring behind!!! He was measuring 5 days behind at both of my previous appointments, but he was measuring EXACTLY 12 WEEKS today! So my EDD stays the same! :) It was by far the best appointment EVER. We spent a good 20 minutes in U/S first with the abdominal and then with the transvaginal. She even tried to see him in 3D! She did not rush anything which was SO appreciated! I just kept talking to the baby "Hi little baby!" "Look at you moving around!" He was even sucking his thumb and waving at us! It was so surreal!!! His heartrate was 158 bpm...which is great. It is unbelievable to know this little baby inside is moving around...probably right now...and I can't feel him!!! I can't wait until I feel that first movement!

So our next appointment will be June 19th with the actual doctor. No U/S though :( Then our next appointment will be no earlier than July 3rd...because that is the earliest we will find out the gender!!! I can't wait for that one!!! DH said he had a dream that we had a little girl, so he's changing his vote! LOL

Alright...ready for some pics?? I've got the belly pic from last week...10weeks....first time wearing maternity skirt!!!

This is the 11 week picture...taken with my camera phone...also in maternity clothes...from my SIL!!!

And FANTASTIC U/S pics!!! 12 weeks exactly!!!

Baby sucking his thumb!!!

Baby facing us!!!

The U/S pics are phone pics too...but I think they're pretty clear!!!

One last belly pic...from today! 12 weeks!!!

DH and I are hosting a graduation party tomorrow in honor of me and best friend (even though I didnt graduate! lol) And he has been fantastic cleaning up the house and letting me lounge around. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this blog was a fun one!!! Nothing depressing over here! LOL Everything's going great!


Brooke said...

Wait so I am confused. Arent you technically like 14 weeks from the date of your last period? Cause I am 8 wks 1 day and I know you are allot further then me. I am glad that you had a great us. We actually opted not to have the 12 wk us because first off our insurance does not cover more then 1 us and we want that to be the 20wk one. The other reason was because we wouldnt terminate the pregnancy no matter what the outcome of the us is so why not just wait until 20wks when you can see more? I am so jelous that you had one though. I kinda wish we could just so we could see our bean. Who is actually more like a big olive at this point. I love that both of us are having happy posts these days! Your belly pics are so cute. And congrats on graduation and figuring out the class. And yeah DH for landing a job!!

Emmy said...

My LMP was Feb 27th. So March 6th was week 1...then March 13th was week 2...and so on. Im actually just a month farther than you! When you found out you were pregnant I was wondering if you would be in Dec! But youre due Jan 1st and I'm due Dec 4th! So I was exactly 12 weeks. And so sorry about your insurance..that would drive me crazy! But I would do the exact same thing as you...opt for the 20week one instead! They actually did this test without me knowing though! I just scheduled my next u/s and they just went ahead and did it!

B MoM said...

CONGRATULATIONS EMMY! i've been waiting and waiting and waiting for my BB to post. Your news is EXCELLENT!! And can I say that I'm sooo jealous that you got ANOTHER U/S already!! My next one isn't till June 16...and I haven't had one since my 6.5 week mark. You are such a lucky girl. Interesting that they did the NT test on you. My doctor wont do it b/c she said I'm too young, and I know you're way younger than I am.....