Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sheesh...I Need to Catch Up!

Whew...I have not posted in like 2 weeks! I always read everyone's posts...but I just seriously feel so comfortable in my pregnancy status...that I don't have much to talk about!!! LOL

So here is my update for week #12 and week #13! So week 12 I still totally had the same old night sickness...but this week (week 13) I have finally started feeling better!!! I am still nauseous, but the sickness is subsiding. I am craving milk, milk, milk! It's just about the only drink I can have that doesnt leave a gross taste in my mouth.

So I had to reschedule my next appointment. I moved it from June 19th to June 17th. June 19th apparently is a day that EVERYONE wants off at my work...and I have to have my appointments in the afternoon so my husband can go. So hey, it's 2 days earlier! :) It's still only to meet the doctor and not an U/S....but still, it will just be nice to meet a doctor (who is female!) and feel refreshed again. Then I plan on making our gender U/S for July 3rd! I will be exactly 18 weeks...but I don't care! I am so anxious! I want to be able to call this little baby by their name!!!

So...that is honestly all I have to update with! I am loving my life being everything is good! Hopefully something exciting will happen before my next appointment so I don't wait another 3 weeks to post! haha


B MoM said...

that is excellent that you feel so secure. i need some of that to rub off on me! My appt is the day before yours. should be fun to compare notes!

Diana Kat said...

Just wanted to congratulate you! And- to thank you for all of your encouragement and advice on BabyZone... After a round of progesterone and clomid, I got my BFP on 5/25 :)

thanks again, and many congrats!!!

Brooke said...

so happy that you are happy. I feel like we havent talked in soooooo long. We are both so content to be prego and I guess its a good sign that we arent blogging as much. I still think about you often and I am just so happy our pregnancys are progressing well.