Thursday, June 18, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Update :)

I had my monthly OB appointment yesterday...finally with a doctor instead of a nurse. It was at I really felt rushed...but all my questions were answered. And everything looked I guess I have no complaints.

The heart rate was in the 150s. And I had to ask the nurse for that...the doctor didnt give me that information. I'm a little upset by that because I have been keeping a pregnancy journal...and I have written down every little thing from each appointment and I've known the exact heart rate at every appointment but this one. :( Oh well.

She told me the cramps and low pain were totally normal and checked my cervix and everything is fine. She also told me she will check with my insurance to see if PT is covered...and if it is...then I'm totally taking it. I'm really not wanting to stop taking care of this back pain after 2 years just because I'm pregnant. So hopefully that will work out.

I also asked about my blood pressure increasing when I have an "episode" with my back and that I'm afraid that I'm stressing the baby. She said we'll talk more about it at my next appointment if PT doesnt work out. I'm ok with that.

So the BIG U/S is not until July 10th! I swear I feel like EVERYONE on my DDC Board on BZ already knows the gender. And I'm due at the BEGINNING of the I should be one of the first to know! Grrrrrr. I'm going crazy!

Well...I'm pretty sure that's it...I'll go ahead and attach the 15 week belly pic I finally uploaded :)


B MoM said...

We dont have our big u/s till July 7th either, so you've got company with someone else due early Dec. that still doesn't know. I feel better finding out at this stage though, b/c that means the results will be more certain. =) Cant wait to find out!!!