Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week 12-14 :)

This pregnancy is flying by!!! Where do I start with an update??

Let's sickness has not subsided! I am still nauseous now...if not worse...than before. I am still throwing up and having a hard time if I go too long without eating. Work is hard. As I've told you about in previous postings, I have SEVERE back pain...and I've had it for 2 years now and they still don't know what's wrong. Going to the doctors and getting more tests was just not feasible for awhile because....well, it costs an arm and a leg!!! And now I'm afraid I won't be able to go to the pain specialist because I'm on Medicaid for pregnancy only. So's killing me. Work is REALLY hard right now because of it. We go on a field trip every Friday and this past week's field trip was torture. We hiked 3 miles. NOT a good idea! I was miserable...and no one at work understands...

My DH is predicting that I will not be able to work by the end of the summer. I'm really afraid of this...because we really need the money! But I don't want to hurt myself or especially the I'd rather be safe than sorry! The other night my back was hurting so bad I thought I was going to have to go to the ER. I asked DH if my back pain could cause trouble for the baby. He said...only if my blood pressure gets really high. Well, when I get REALLY bad bouts of blood pressure does increase. So my first question at my next appointment will be about my back pain and the baby. If it's a problem...I'll quit work...and that's that.

Let's see what else...oh oh oh! Good news!!! I felt the baby for the first time Wednesday night!!! I was laying in bed on my back and I felt this thing like waves...on my left side. I knew it wasnt gas because I had had gas all evening (LOL) and this was different. Little bit was going crazy in there! I told DH and he put his hand on my belly where I felt it and I held my breath and BAM! He got to feel a great deal of movement! He got all teary eyed and I said "Did you feel it?!" and he was like "OMG! I think so!" that was amazing! I haven't really felt it since...but now that I have...I know exactly what to look for! I'm so excited!

I have been eating considerably less these days. I have been really sick and I haven't even realized that I wasnt eating. Its very hard for me to find anything that I actually want to eat. Its been tough. I have also been coming home and getting straight in the bed and laying down the entire evening. Only to fall asleep about 11 or 12 and not get up til about 9am! Its been good to have that time with DH because he has to go to bed early...and get up at 5am. It's funny because I have been peeing every 2-3 hours in the night and I always end up getting up to pee when he's getting up for work. I thought the peeing in the middle of the night was supposed to go away in the 2nd trimester too...but nope! It actually increased for me! I was going about twice a night and now I'm going about 4 times a night! LOL

So my next appointment is this coming Wednesday! I will be 15weeks 5 days. I am seriously considering asking for an U/S even though it's not scheduled because I have been having some SEVERE cramps lately. No joke. It hurts like heck!!! And since my back pain has me wondering if I am stressing the baby...I think they'll let me! I really just want to see little bit healthy! But I also may just ask the gender! LOL I am about to crazy! I want to know SO bad! Mainly because I want to be abe to start picking out stuff...and I want to call little baby by their name! :)

So I'll update some pics now! Here's week 13 and week 14...I'm going to take a pic today for week 15. I'll let you know how the appointment goes Wednesday! If I dont get an U/S that day I am planning on scheduling the gender U/S for July 3rd when I am 18 weeks. I don't want to wait that long...but I guess I might have to!!!

Week 13...
Week 14...any bigger??


B MoM said...

woohoo! My next appt is the day before yours. Not sure if we'll get an u/s again since we had one last visit, and will have one on July 7 to find out the gender and if baby is healthy and stuff, but I'm excited nevertheless. Welcome to week 15!!! Yay for us! Amazing how different our pregnancies are peeing has decreased and no more getting up in the middle of the night for me! yay! Of course, no nausea either for me and I LOVE to eat! lol. Cant wait to find out what we're both having! have you had any intuitions? I first thought girl, then boy, and am now confused!

Brooke said...

So glad you are doing well. The dating of your pregnancy is confusing me because I know you are 5 wks ahead of me which means you should be 16 and a 1/2 wks. Is the doctor dating your pg that way? Did they change your EDD? I just thought you would be finding out the gender in like 2 wks! I am still doing well. I dont know if you have stopped by my blog lately but I posted a bunch of pics the other day! So fun. We picked up our crib yesterday and its in the garage waiting for the baby room to be ready for it. Still cant believe I have a crib and a baby on the way to put in it!!

Tori said...

You are a totally cute preggo Emmy! :) And no, the peeing all the time never goes away lol. It never did for me anyways. Hope your back starts feeling better soon. Bring it up at your appointments, it might be baby-related sciatica... even if it isn't, your OB could perhaps treat it as baby-related for your medicaid. It's worth a shot! And how exciting that you've already felt movement! I was 18 or 19 weeks before I felt anything, and I was in the end of my 2nd tri before Brad ever did. How neat for your DH! :)